Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha-PU-erh Cake Tea

NET.WEIGHT: 357g Origin: Yunnan province, China Producted: 2004 Type: ripe puerh cake Black or “Shou”: (also called ripe, cooked tea) YUNNAN CHI TSE BEENG CHA Pu-erh is an unusual large-leafed oolong with a characteristic earthy flavor. The color is very dark, almost red. Although this is unusual for most tea, Western tea drinkers ought to keep in mind Oriental Tea Store | Buy Original …Pu-erh tea listed by cakes, visit this page for raw Sheng Green Pu-erh Beeng Cha, ripe Cooked Shu Tea Cake and Chitsu Pingcha, Menghai Chi Tsu bingcha Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.2010 Long Yuan Hao Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Puerh Tea Cake (Raw) – One of the Top Ten Puer Tea Brands in China Natural & Organic Yunnan Ripe Pu’er Tea Cake Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Tea Cake (Raw) Vintage: 2010Weight: 380gBrand: Long Yuan Hao Ingredient: 100% Organic Pu erh tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis)Process: Picked, sun-dried, fermented and then compressedProduction area: Xishuangbanna …A Brief History – 7542 “Chi Tse Beeng Cha” Pu-erh Tea Collection. During the year 1960’s to 2000, the Pu-erh tea products from Yunnan Xishuangbanna Menghai Tea Factory has always been one of the most sought after products for tea collectors and enthusiast alike.Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Edited by Non Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Dao Bum The Dao Bums 312 posts Has anyone here heard of pu-erh tea? I got a disc …What to do with this Pu erh. Was gifted from a friend in Hong Kong this massive cake (357 grams) of Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha, looks like a yellow label of some sort, surrounded by red circle in rectangle shapes. I’ve got so much tea I’m trying to sip down right now and also working through a heart condition, so need to slow down anyway.(Pu Er tea) cake but not in the form of thong (筒), whose name in Chinese references… " Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha. " Find an appropriate translation of "Yunnan Qi Zi Bing… seven other constituting the tong. 1.Beeng old Tse Chi Cha-era Chi Tse Beeng 2.Yunnan …Green-Tea-Shop offers a variety selection of pu-erh tea cakes you will enjoy. Pu-erh can helps burn fat, speed metabolism, reduce blood pressure, good for teeth. Shop it today! … 2010 Long Yuan Hao Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Puerh Tea Cake (Raw) $26.99… more info. 2007 Yunnan Chitsu Pingcha 9261 Pu-erh Tea Cake (Ripe)

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