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Here are 10 healthy herbal teas you’ll want to try today. … the effects of hibiscus tea on high blood lipid levels. … suggests that rooibos tea may help improve bone health and reduce heart …Health benefits of herbal tea – Herbal teas are some of the healthiest things you can drink. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in many herbs have shown to provide many short and long-term health benefits. In this blog, we’ll explain what herbal tea is, provide a list of the health benefits of herbal tea…1. Green Tea – The Metabolism Booster. Green tea is one of the best herbal teas for weight loss that is available in the market. It can boost your metabolism, by unlocking all the fat cells. You can drink it any time during the day, and can drink up to 4 to 5 cups of tea a day.Of course, other health benefits you get from herbal teas will be determined by the type of herbs used to make the tea and their quality. Since not every herbal tea will provide you with the same benefits, it can be quite hard to tell which ones would not only give you the health benefits you need but taste great as well.7 Teas For Digestive Health Drinking hot tea after a meal is a soothing way to prevent stomach upset. Oolong tea can help with absorption and digestion, while pu-erh tea helps to lower the cholesterol and lipid absorption of heavy foods. Other herbal remedies help to alleviate gas, bloating, and general discomfort.Green or herbal teas are a great choice because of the extra health benefits. This article is for information only, and should not be taken as medical advice. Make sure to consult with a physician before starting any weight loss program.Wu – Yi Tea or Wu-long Tea or Oolong Tea or Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Oolong tea is proven to reduce cholesterol and can assist in fat burning. It is a better option than green tea as it reduces the calories, provides the health benefits and helps to lose weight by increasing the metabolism up to 4%.Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat.

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