Rose pu-erh teas for beauty detox

Pu’erh has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist with digestion and cleansing. It differs from other tea categories in that it undergoes a final process where it is fermented or naturally aged. Pu’erh is among our top sellers and is delicious hot or iced.This tea is made from ripened pu-erh tea compressed with rose flowers to create these gorgeous miniature cakes. The rose lends a light, sweet floral note to the mellow earthy pu-erh flavors, perfectly creating a unique flavor profile.Berry Rose Slenderize – Weight Loss – Diet Tea – buy at online tea store US. Delivery across United States and around the world. Berry Rose Slenderize – Weight Loss – Diet Tea reviews. Tealyra – Product #2080.According to a Chinese book reading, drinking Pu-Erh tea regularly has tremendous beauty benefits. This tea on a contradiction has exquisite smooth taste that is not bitter If you’ve tasted Pu-Erh tea, you probably won’t mind trying it out for yourself for a regular intake and experience the results yourself.Pu-erh tea contains antioxidants, which can help prevent damage caused by free radicals.If left unchecked, free radicals can lead to disease and illness. Drink a cup of pu-erh any time you need a …And this is the main reason why Pu-erh is a damn good beauty tea … Burdock: Best Tea for Detox. Burdock roots are especially heavy in potassium, a vital mineral that aids in the processes of controlling heart rate and blood pressure. It’s also a strong diuretic agent, which means that it can help your body pump out some of the nastier …There is a Beauty Tea for every beauty and wellness goal, whether it be natural collagen support, detoxification, a glowing complexion, improved sleep or anti-ageing actions. The Beauty Tea range are a delicious and easy way to incorporate beauty supplements into your life to enhance your glow, from the inside out.The addition of rose petals to these teas will deliver a beautiful floral aroma. Rose petals may also be steeped with various other botanicals, herbs, dried fruits and spices to create a soothing herbal tea. How is rose tea prepared? Steeping rose tea is quite simple. It may be prepared using rose loose tea leaves or tea bags.Pu-erh tea is quite a unique kind among all Chinese teas for its distinct processing method… It is easy for you to use and enjoy. It tastes delicious with a hint of rose aroma and has a …

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