7years old Imperial Yunnan Pu-erh leaf tea Std 221

Buy imperial grade loose leaf pu erh tea online. Ripe, fermented and aged to perfection in the mountains of Yunnan, China.An Overview of Pu-erh. Pu-erh, Puer or Puerh is a variety of fermented tea produced in the mountains of the Yunnan province, China. Mostly from unoxidized Camellia sinensis, Pu-erh is processed from a large leaf variety of green tea.tea puer tea products directory and tea puer tea products Catalog. B2B Marketplace for tea puer tea suppliers, manufacturers,exporters, factories and global tea puer tea buyers provided by 21Food.com.In the tea-world fermentation is used for making pu-erh for example. Roasting – also named as enzyme kill, is a process where the leaves are quickly tossed in very high temperature. This is used to stop the oxidation (and other chemical reactions) in the tea leaf.It’s “medium-leaf” class of tea, not purely Assamica or Sinensis. The leaves are thick and dense with a purple/red/green color when fresh. Zi Hong Pao is a very rare tea with only about 10 mu of land in total producing this tea. The buds and leaf shoots are slow to grow and the harvest is the last of the spring harvests.Pu-erh is tea taken to secondary oxidation and usually aging beyond what you find in black tea. It is the “darkest” tea you can find. There are many varieties of pu-erh, ranging in oxidation and aging level and providing unique tasting notes.This sort function of TeaTrekker.com is the master listing of all products that we offer. It is not the most user-friendly way to work with our website and find what you are looking for, but it is important as the core, general listing of the entirety of our products.China Yunnan GONG TING (IMPERIAL) PU ERH: 100 g: 257.00 Kč: 379: China Yunnan Special PU ERH – small leaf (ripe) 100 g: 157.00 Kč: 380: China Yunnan KING OF PU ERH (ripe) 100 g: 397.00 Kč: 382: China Yunnan GOLDEN TIPPY PU ERH KING (ripe) Čaj není skladem, termín dodání nepotvrzen: 100 g: 437.00 Kč: 756: China Yunnan Simao PU ERH …Ceník MO;Vygenerováno: 23.11.2019;eshop: http://www.caj.cz; tel.: 251612100; email: info@caj.cz 0;Indické čaje 1;Darjeeling 2;first flush 102;357.00;Kč;100 g …Green, oolong and black tea extracts modulate lipid metabolism in hyperlipidemia rats fed high-sucrose diet Article in The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 12(1):14-20 · February 2001 with 85 …

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