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Mini Pu erh tuocha. Pu erh tea is an important part of the Yunnan culture. For a beginning pu erh tea explorer there is definitely a long way to go in order to fully appreciate the complexity of this type of tea. Sip and feel its richness in taste that evolves after each steep and imagine the history that is within this tea.C-PE142 Yunnan Canned Puerh Tea 50g 2008 Year Chen Xiang Small Tuocha Puer Tea Pu Er Cooked Tea. Puer Tea requests the boiled water of the 95~100. How To Make Puer Tea. The result shows that the curative effect of Pu’er Tea is higher than clofibrate.The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries. C-PE135 2004 Year Yunnan Puerh Tea 100g Cooked Tuo Tea Puer Tuo Cha Old Tree Tuo Ancient Old Tuocha Health Care Tea. It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed.Buy Yunnan dry stored puerh tea directly from China. Wide selection of Yunnan teas , big range of green and black tea is available in our online tea shop. Jianshui pottery, Dai pottery and other Chinese pottery on Yunnan Craft website.Pu’er or pu-erh is a variety of fermented tea produced in the Yunnan province of China. Fermentation in the context of tea production involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as 黑茶 hēichá (literally, ‘black tea’) commonly translated as ‘dark tea’.A Pu-erh tuocha (sometimes spelled ‘tuo cha’) is a convex, knob shaped tea, sometimes said to resemble a bird’s nest. Pu-erh tuocha tea cakes range in size from a very tiny individual serving 3 grams, to upwards of 3 kilograms although the more common sizes for a Pu-erh tuocha are 100g, 250g and 500g.Original TAETEA V93 Puer * Menghai Dayi Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha Ripe Puer Shu 2017. $7.14 to $31.99. From China. Free shipping. Flavor: Unflavored. … 1962 Year 250g Chinese Yunnan Puer Tea Brick Ancient Pu-erh Tea Health Tea Brick. $7.59. … Chinese Tangerine And Lemon Tea Gift Set. $10.00. Free shipping.Tuo Cha Pu-Erh Tea is an ancient variety of tea grown from a big leaf tea variety, (Camellia assamica), grown in Yunnan province which is sometimes referred to as the “Kingdom of Tea”. It is said that in Yunnan there is a tea tree of this variety growing over 200 feet tall that is more than 1700 years old.Its Tea Leaves Is Silver Buds That Was Harvested In Spring Of 2003yr. Manufacturer China Yunnan Xiaguan Tuo Tea Co., Ltd. The aged pu’er tea was raw tea when it was produced in 2003. The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries.

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