Yunnan puer tea an attitude of life drink can touch your soul

In this part, Yunnan drink will be divided into four categories, tea, coffee, alcohol and tropical fruit juice. Yunnan Tea. Tea following its production method in Yunnan is divided into five categories: Dianhong black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, purple pressing tea and scented tea. Black tea and Pu’er tea are mainly for export, accounting …Red tea or Pu-Erh tea is made using the leaves and shoots of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is larger and grows in Yunnan Province. There are two kinds of Pu-Erh tea: raw and ripe. There is a difference in their production processes.I search my tea-loyalist soul. But it’s now dueling with my mounting thirst. A deep dilemma. Become a pain in the waitress’ ass, send it back like a tea-snob prima donna? Or compromise my principles, but remind myself why I became a tea-snob in the first place? What would the Chinese do? If you know any Chinese around here, please put me in touch.The Chai Blend for weight loss. Red Tea with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. Maximum flavour with a spicy touch, its’ intensity and character is surprising. Drink with milk, in the classic Chai style or simply on its own. INGREDIENTS:Pu-Erh, cinnamon, ginger, clove and cardamom seeds.Tell them this tea is from a 1000’s of year old tea tree. When I hear that, I avoid that person like the plague. It seems that you have embraced the least ethical Pu-erh dealers in Yunnan. I guess with your lack of experience in Yunnan and China in general it’s possible you were hoodwinked by these fantastic claims.Tea quotes can warm your soul, inspire you, or remind you of your most cherished tea memories. These quotes about tea can be used in so many ways – heartfelt additions to tea party invitations or as a special collection to give to a tea lover. If you have a favorite place to drink tea in your home, stenciling these tea sayings on a wall would …Best Teas to Drink for Your Health. Maybe it’s our revolutionary roots and the innate historical desire to chuck tea into the Boston Harbor, but Americans have typically picked coffee over tea as our caffeinated beverage of choice. Worldwide, however, tea is second only to water in liquid consumption.One thing to note about pu-er tea is that it is the only tea the Chinese like to age. Another notable fact is that they drink it with the same respect Westerners give to a fine wine that is well-aged.Yunnan Imperial from Tea and Tins. February 9, 2017 February 9, 2017 by kittylovestea. … (particularly Chinese) teas. I found myself liking specific teas more than others such as Pu Erh and jasmine green pearls (which are two of my favourites still to date) and my obsession kept growing. … My goal in life is to keep tasting and steeping and …I have a keen insight into things, many times of social practice experience and during the work of the Student Union, I have trained my ability to communicate and cooperate with others, as well as my ability to be independent, and I am conscientious and responsible in doing things. Someone ever say that life is a journey to touch the soul.

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