Yunnan 500 Years Tea Trees, High Quality Puerh Raw Tea

Raw pu-erh tea from 200-year-old trees of Myanmar (Burma). Harvest of spring of 2013.A beautiful tea from highquality material and classic processing.Aroma is sweet, floral. Unlike the Thais, the tas..On Sale!!! 50 Kinds Flavor Pu er, Pu’erh tea, Mini Yunnan Puer tea ,Chinese tea, With Gift Bag, Free Shipping. … Freeshipping 2013 New tea old tree Takeyama 500 years old trees 2013 spring tea 357g raw Puer tea . US $33.81 / piece. Free Shipping! 250g Chinese Milk Oolong Tea,China Taiwan High Mountains Ginseng Oolong Tea, Frangrant Wulong TeaYunnan, China: Birthplace of Pu’erh. Written by Patricia Rain on February 20, 2010.Posted in Tea. In the process of my Numi Pu’erh tea blogging challenge I have become quite interested in pu’erh, not just because it tastes good, but because it comes from a very interesting part of the world that most of us in the West know little about.Raw puerh is the original Yunnan tea. Pu-erh raw tea has more than 1000 years of long … tea produced from old tea trees or trees grown at high altitude will give much better quality …

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