Unique yunnan specialty slimming detox tea Menghai natural fit pu erh tea

With their rich, robust flavor and hearty body, puerh teas are a natural fit for winter. Our caramel pu-erh combines the sweet decadence of caramel with the earthiness of an aged pu-erh to create something akin to dessert in a teacup. Smooth with a naturally sweet finish, this tea is warming and thick, and is excellent with a splash of milk.Handcrafted by The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co, Black Wolf combines ripe (shou) Chinese Pu-erh tea with carob, cacao, elderberry, rosehips, honeybush, peppercorns, and natural blackberry and vanilla flavors. The base of this blend – ripe Pu-erh tea – is a dark, fermented tea that comes from Yunnan Province in China.The tea is named after the city of Pu-erh in Yunnan province, a famed trading post for heicha in imperial China. Bordering Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam in the southwestern part of China, Yunnan province had extensive trade ties to the west and throughout Asia during imperial times.Our natural loose-leaf Pu-erh tea was grown in the Menghai county of China’s Yunnan … Triple Leaf Chinese Detox Tea (20 count), and (1) Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea (20 …

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