Rose Pu-Erh Aged Brick Tea

Buy Pu Erh tea cakes. Luxury aged, organic Pu-erh teas. Best Pu-erh tea from China, Japan, Nepal and around the world. Tealyra. Collection #345.Enlighten your senses with the incredible health benefits of Vintage Pu erh tea. Often used as a digestive aid, this is a perfect choice you can add to your normal diet along with rose pu erh tea and aged pu-erh tea.This tea is made from ripened pu-erh tea compressed with rose flowers to create these gorgeous miniature cakes. The rose lends a light, sweet floral note to the mellow earthy pu-erh flavors, perfectly creating a unique flavor profile.Ripened Cube Tuocha Pu-erh Mini Brick 2006. This Ripened Cube Tuocha Pu-erh Mini Brick 2006 is the type of aged pu-erh, made of ripened pu-erh leaves. It is fully fermented which makes the tea taste rich, mellow and earthy. The fermentation also make the Ripened Cube Tuocha can be stored permanently. Ripened Aged Pu-erh Mini TuochaThe Black Pu-erh tea we offer is hand harvested from wild and semi-wild broad leaf antique tea trees located in the Yunnan province of China. Black Pu-erh is often referred to as “cooked” due to the fact that sun-dried green tea leaves are transformed through natural fermentation from a greenish-gol1999 Aged Bamboo Bark Wrapped Pu-erh Brick Tea Sample The old tea brick is composed of low grade te.. $3.50 Add to Cart. 2006 CNNP 7562 Premium Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick Sample 25g. CNNP 7562 Premium Ripe Pu-erh Brick Tea Sample 25g The pesticide testing has been conduct.. …By visiting tea gardens, TeaVivre carefully select high quality Pu-erh Tea, including Raw Puerh, Ripe Puerh, Aged Puerh, Cake Tea, Tuocha, Brick Puerh etc. Different from most of other teas, Puerh teas are commonly aged to develop matured rich, mellow, smooth and complex taste. Well-known for helping weight loss health benefit2014 Zenpuer 1403 Wild Grown Aged Ripe Pu-erh Brick Tea The pesticide testing has been conducted on.. $14.99 Add to Cart. 2015 Organic Legend of Wuliang Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick 250g. 2015 Organic Legend of Wuliang Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick The only product we found is al.. …You have no items in your wish list. Information. About Us; Contact Us; Privacy Policy; Advanced Search

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