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These deposits then get transferred throughout the body in the blood, making it beneficial to consume pu-erh tea to help cleanse the blood of toxins. The micro-organisms and unique simple sugars that are produced from the pu-erh fermentation process have been shown to attack the toxins in the blood, removing them from the body and creating a …pu erh tea also help to facilitate the removal of toxins through sweat and urine. Furthermore, pu erh tea, if externally applied to areas with acne can stop microbial infection and reduce the frustrating signs of acne and patches.Refresh Pu’erh Detox. Light and citrussy tasting detox tea blend of pu’erh, mate and matcha. Add to cart Blood Cleanser. Sweet and effective herbal blood cleansing wellness tea … Herbal blend created to flatten your belly while removing toxins Add to cart Beet It. A deep red tonic featuring beetroot, carrot, sage, lemongrass and goji …Want to know more about health benefits of Pu-Erh tea? Here are 13 reasons why Pu-Erh tea is good for your health. Health Benefits of Pur-Erh Tea. 1. Detox your body toxins. Pu-Erh tea help break down and eliminate body toxins. This includes toxins known to contribute to weight gain.Most tea recommended for detox contains herbs that nourish the liver, an organ responsible for clearing toxins from your body. Tea for detox assist your body to get rid of toxic waste which helps to improve digestive system, detoxify and cleanse the body, help you to reach your health/weight loss goals.Pu-Erh tea does have some caffeine, and it may sound confusing that such a tea will induce sleep. However, despite the caffeine levels, the Phyto-chemicals present in Pu-Erh , including Theanine, has been found to reduce stress levels by stimulating stress-management hormones such as cortisol.Fueled by senna leaf, cleavers, and yarrow, Cleanse Tea increases movement in the intestines, cleanses the blood, and eliminates toxins that plague tissues throughout the body. If you’ve experienced digestive irregularity or feel like you need a boost of energy, Cleanse Tea is the perfect solution for your needs.The World’s Most Powerful Tools for Removing Heavy Metals from the Body. … or use natural substances that supercharge the body’s ability to neutralize toxins and remove heavy metals. … and full-spectrum disease fighter, and accelerates the elimination of metals.[5] A specialized, aged form of green tea called pu-erh undergoes …Pu-erh tea can help break down and eliminate bodily toxins. This includes toxins known to contribute to weight gain. You can drink pu-erh whenever you want to have a cleansing effect on your body.Pu-Erh Tea Rooibos Tea White Tea … and reduce bloating with Organic Skinny Natural Tea every morning and remove toxins and cleanse the body with Organic Detox Tea in the evening. This Tea is for Me! … drink a cup of Organic Healthy Colon Tea to help remove toxins from the body. This Tea is for Me!

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