Loose black tea leaves with the yunnan black tea

Yunnan black tea, also known as ‘Dianhong’ (‘Dian’ is the short name for Yunnan province, ‘hong’ meaning red after the deep, red liquor of the brewed tea) is a fully oxidised tea grown high in the mountainous region of Lincang between 1680-1900 metres above sea level.Our Yunnan loose leaf black tea makes for a real winter warmer, with layers of caramel, cocoa and even smoke on the finish. Beautiful black for anytime of day, these chunky leaves can also take milk for a deliciously rich breakfast tea.Black tea from Yunnan province is generally called Dianhong Tea. Higher quality Yunnan black teas brew to a brassy, golden orange color and have a gentle, sweet aroma and no bitterness. Cheaper varieties become darker and more brownish when brewed and can taste quite bitter if prepared incorrectly.Yunnan black tea. Yunnan black teas usually have a lot of golden buds and are sweeter than other black tea types. You will be able to use the same leaves for at least 3 times. High quality Yunnan teas are less likely to be bitter and leave an amazing sweet aftertaste.Loose Black Teas in bulk, tins, & tea samplers. Our loose leaf black teas include assam, ceylon, yunnan, keemun, lapsang souchong, english breakfast, earl grey, & more. Call Toll Free 866-TEA-SPOTThe Golden Heaven Yunnan China Black Tea blend from English Tea Store is composed of tippy, neat, wiry, and well-made leaves and is characterized by its shape, color, aroma, and malty taste. This tea produces a bright reddish cup with a brisk, fragrant aroma.As the leaves are large and “soft” they yield a lush, full-flavored tea that will cup to a rich, russet-red color. This bright, clean coloration well exemplifies the process of oxidization of the leaf and thus its denotation as a Dian Hong or “red” tea in China. Yunnan Black is widely enjoyed as a breakfast black tea.A sprinkling of downy, golden tips decorates the bold, wiry leaves of this premium black tea from Yunnan province. The dark amber cup is rich and sweet with an earthy aroma, hinting of molasses. That earthy quality is prominent in the flavor profile and lingers into the finish.

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