Instant Pu erh tea powder

Pu Erh tea is an “accessible antique”. Unlike other teas, Pu Erh tea will gradually appreciate over time. Pu’er tea belongs to black tea, and the old place of origin is Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, hence the name. The aroma is unique and fragrant, and the taste is mellow and sweet. TIZAN Instant Pu Erh Tea Powder is made from Yunnan Pu …A Chinese Specialty Originating from the Yunnan province in China, pu‘er tea is produced by drying and rolling the tea leaves and then allowing fermentation and oxidation to take place. This process is a Chinese specialty that produces a tea known as hēichá, of which pu’er is the most well-known. Pu’er tea has a offers 261 instant pu erh tea powder products. About 25% of these are slimming tea, 21% are pu’er tea, and 14% are tea extract. A wide variety of instant pu erh tea powder options are available to you, such as tea extract, herbal extract, and fruit extract.Premium Instant Pu-Erh Tea – A True Instant Tea Drinking Experience 3. $49.99. 100% PURE PU-ERH TEA – No fillers, additives or sweeteners are added and it is created in an FDA approved facility. It is brewed tea, not… View full product details »Our Pu-Erh Instant tea is a deep rich full bodied tea with an earthy taste. Pu-Erh tea is for the tea drinker that is looking for a rich, deep and complex flavor. Pu Erh is the tea of choice for those looking for a deep and engaging tea experience. Pu-Erh is also our highest caffeine content tea.We create instant teas out of everything from well known green and black teas, to rare yellow, darjeeling and pu’erh teas. We create custom blends, decaffeinated and high caffeine blends, and flavored blends to meet any preference or palette.100% Pure Instant Teas from are made with no fillers or additives, just 100% pure Green Tea and Black Tea that’s great for hot tea or iced tea.Pu-erh tea also contains antioxidants and other substances that can help protect the heart and blood vessels. Pu-erh tea helps you lose weight by helping to increase the speed of digestion. And the best way to see weight loss results with Pu-erh tea is to combine your Pu-erh tea with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.Instant Dark Tea. The Dark Tea has a deep rich taste that is great if you enjoy adding milk to your tea. The extra fermentation gives the tea a fuller flavor that is to enjoy and is a great substitute for coffee. Instant Pu-Erh Tea. Our Pu-Erh Instant tea is a deep rich full bodied tea with an earthy taste.

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