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Green tea really is a superfood: it supports brain health and immunity, can defend against signs of aging, and even aid weight loss. Find out the Whether sipped in a cup or added to food, this …Green Foods core belief: The best way to nourish our bodies for peak performance is with natural, organic & bioavailable products that provide assential nutrient of optimal health. Our natural dietary supplement offer the extraordinary nutrients found in fresh grasses, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other healthful whole foods.Choosing The Best Green Tea. It’s almost always best to choose loose leaf tea leaves to get the maximal health benefits of green tea.Not only will you get a superior cup of tea, you’ll also get the highest concentrations of polyphenols with their purported health giving properties.. But there are a variety of loose leaf green teas to choose from.Shop the best Green Foods Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Energy Blend 11 oz Pwdr products at Swanson Health Products. Trusted since 1969, we offer trusted quality and great value on Green Foods Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Energy Blend 11 oz Pwdr products.Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea, but it contains even more antioxidants and caffeine. Here are 7 health benefits of matcha tea, all backed by science.Promotes health and wellness. By letting you experience what premium superfoods can do for your body. All our products are 100% Organic and Natural, letting go of anything and everything that threatens your body’s well-being and leaving it with nothing but the good stuff.Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage. It is considered to be an “anti-aging beverage.” You’ve probably heard a lot about the health benefits of green tea — loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your body and mind. Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands …5. Promotes Bone Health. University of Hong Kong researchers published a study in the August, 2009 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry concerning green tea and bone health. When the bone cells of rats were exposed to green tea catechins, EGC in particular stimulated an enzyme that promotes bone growth by 79 percent.Every day, people from around the world consume billions of cups of tea. And of all those cups, black tea accounts for nearly 80 percent. However, green tea is steadily gaining ground due to its many health benefits.An increasing number of people are choosing to drink green tea to improve their physical and mental health.

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