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It is because drinking olive leaves tea is able to loosen the blood vessel, make sure the proper blood circulation, and prevent the high blood pressure. Therefore, if you have hypertension, it is better for you to replace your trusted Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea with the health benefits of olive leaves tea for hypertension.Olive Leaf Tea may be the solution for you, if you are seeking an alternative to green tea without the caffeine and with the increased health benefits.. Green tea already has a reduced amount of caffeine when compared to coffee or black tea. However, if you want a zero caffeine solution then the option is a herbal olive leaf infusion.Olive leaf tea for immunity: Olive leaf tea is available in your local health food store and online. You can drink olive leaf tea daily to boost immune function and reduce inflammation. If you have access to an olive tree, then you can use the leaves to make tea.Olive leaf tea is one of the most common, traditional herbal teas used among Mediterranean people to treat disease. This page outlines the production of olive leaf and its associated health benefits. A downloadable infographic is included showing the production cycle.Olive leaves are traditionally known to prevent cardiac disease and hypertension. They can protect membranes from lipid oxidation and inflammation. The extract can also improve lipid metabolism, exhibit antiviral properties, reduce cancer risk, etc. . This is why olive leaf tea is a classic in the Mediterranean cuisine and tribes.High Blood Pressure. In a 2011 study, efficacy of leaf extract was evaluated in comparison to Captopril, a drug given to patients with hypertension or high blood pressure.. The five hundred milligrams olive leaf extract taken twice daily for eight weeks significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure.. Although both can prevent high blood pressure, olive leaf has caused a decrea se …A Review of Healthy Teas, Soups & Juices that may help you fight hypertension. T he truth is we all want to find alternatives to high blood pressure medications such as diets, exercises or special foods to lower blood pressure. The side effects that we experience can be worse than the actual high blood pressure problem itself.Home » Food and Nutrition » Alternative Remedies » How Olive Leaf Extract Can Naturally Treat High Blood Pressure. How Olive Leaf Extract Can Naturally Treat High Blood Pressure By Dr. Victor Marchione, MD – September 10, 2015. … Hibiscus Tea: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects, and RecipesYou can also make your own olive leaf tea to get some of the health benefits of olive leaves. Advertisement. … taking 500 mg olive leaf extract for high blood pressure was just as effective as Captopril. This is a popular drug to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). … Therapeutic compounds in olive leaf extract help to lower blood …

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