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A visitor to the home of tea has so many questions. Understanding their answers will bring you closer to the history and mystery of tea. Appreciating Chinese Tea Series will help you. Content: Part1 Learning about Pu-erh Tea from Its Processing Techniques. Part2 Classification of Pu-erh Tea. Part3 Brewing Pu-erh Tea. Part4 Appreciation of Pu …Quality characteristics of the five major tea mountains: Bulang Mountain Pu-erh Tea: The leaf is soft and tender, the leaf bottom is elastic, the soup is orange and bright, the taste is strong, the returning back is sweet and strong, and the aroma is unique. It is the favorite collection of many Chinese and foreign merchants and Pu-erh tea lovers.The Menghai Tea Factory is one of the 4 major producers of pu erh tea in Yunnan, China. The factory is based in Xishuangbanna and most of its products are sold under the Dayi (or ‘Taetea’) label. Several of Dayi’s pu erh series return yearly including the popular 7542, 7572, 8582 and V93.A cursory web search also seems to indicate that “Pu-erh tea” or “Pu-erh teas” is more common than “Pu-erh” alone. –Stemonitis 11:32, 22 May 2007 (UTC) Oppose as pu-erh tea is usually referred to as such (as is Oolong BTW) and is not a pleonasm in English or Chinese (cf. most of the teas listed at Category:Chinese tea).OTVIAP Preservative Pu re Copper Pu Er Tea Needle Pu Erh Pu er Tea Knife Accessories 1pc, Tea Needle, Tea Ceremony Accessories Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.Enjoy Authentic Chinese Tea .TenFu’TEA is a leading Chinese tea brand offering all types of loose leaf black tea, green tea, herbal tea, white tea, Puerh tea, Oolong tea .Best quality and huge selections. Fresh and safety ! Free express shipping on orders above $59.99.Pu-erh is a tea produced in Yunnan, China by microbial fermentation of fresh Camellia sinensis leaves by two processes, the traditional raw fermentation and the faster, ripened fermentation. We characterized fungal and bacterial communities in leaves and both Pu-erhs by high-throughput, rDNA …Kubota K, Sumi S, Tojo H, et al. Improvements of mean body mass index and body weight in preobese and overweight Japanese adults with black Chinese tea (Pu-erh) water extract. Nutr Res. 2011; 31 (6):421–428.Bamboo is one of the most widely-used motifs in Chinese and East Asian Art. Asian painters have painted bamboo scroll paintings, door panels and more for many centuries. This beautifully designed Bamboo Chinese Teapot is ideal for bringing that Oriental feel to your home and tea-drinking experience. … Organic Yunnan Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea …

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