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An Ji Bai Cha is often mistaken for a white tea because of its colour and pure taste, this green tea is one of Chinas most prized teas. This remarkable green tea was.An Ji Bai Cha, or An Ji White Tea (in English) is so named because its unprocessed tea leaves are almost white in color.Ready Made Gifts: Close Outs & Bolt Ends … a cup of tea with a friend. *** … When serving tea, friendship is better than fine china. *** Great thoughts come from a quiet cup of tea. Life is like a pot of tea It’s all in how you make it. Problems solved easily Add tea and scones.Loose Tea Gifts. Teabag Gifts. Matcha Teas. Tea Candles … Based on 114 reviews. Your savings will grow with each shipment. Save 5% now, and up to 15% in the future. Please select size: tea chest … White Blueberry tea blends together the taste of juicy blueberries with premium white tea from Fujian province, China. rooibos vanillaSeasonal Teas Our seasonal teas make the perfect gift for tea lovers. Be sure to stock up as many of the teas offered are only available for a limited time. Samplers and Gift Sets Tea samplers and tea gift sets are the perfect way for you to share your love of tea with a friend or family member by introducing them to a variety of teas and tea accessories.The Tea Spot offers tea gift sets for every tea lover & occasion. We are happy to provide you with help picking out the perfect gifts for your favorite tea drinkers. Just call us toll free, 866-TEA-SPOT.It is a true art to find the ideal gift—one that defines individuality, suits the recipient, and expresses your relationship “to a tea.” Tea Forté makes it easy with an array of beautiful tea gifts at a variety of price points that are perfect for any occasion. Select from our best selling tea gifts.English Tea Store is your one stop need for holiday treats and gifts for the tea lovers on your list. We’ve brought in delicious name brand teas, candies, chocolates, biscuits, Christmas cakes, and Christmas puddings that will bring back fond memories. We also have a large assortment of Christmas Crackers from the Tom Smith collection, as well as kids Christmas Crackers with fun designs.Esteemed Tea Collective is a premium Oolong tea brand, offering single origin, fresh from the farm, whole leaf teas for convenient consumption. Sourcing directly from the farmers allows us to cut out the overcharge from third party while ensuring the quality of our teas.Aus. retailer and wholesaler of fresh, authentic, premium Chinese loose leaf teas including green tea, white tea, Oolong tea, black tea, Pu-erh tea etc and a wide range of tea accessories.Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online – White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Matcha. The widest selection, 500+ different teas.

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