Aged Yi-wu pu-erh tea

Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea – Spring 2017 Dan Cong Oolong Tea – Spring 2017 Anxi Oolong … Raw Pu-erh Tea Single-Estate Raw Pu-erh Tea Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Certified Organic …As the old saying goes “The Older it is, the more Aromatic” 越陈越香! We are considering 10 years older to be “Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea”.Another fine tea brick product from the Yi Wu, Man La region of Yunnan. Is one of a companion product of the Wild Spring Tea cake #17. The hard pressed effect of tea brick forms good astringency and Cha-Qi resulting in good Hui Gan to the taste. Nectar, woody, astringent, aged tea flavour.In China, pu-erh tea is known as black tea, while the black tea we are familiar with in the West and North America is known as red tea. Pu-erh tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant known by the botanical name Camellia sinensis.This tea is called bo nay or po lei in Cantonese and is frequently spelled as pu-er, puer, or pu’er tea.Pu-erh tea (also commonly known as ‘puer,’ ‘pu’er,’ ‘po lei’ and ‘bolay’ tea, and known as ‘dark tea’ or ‘black tea’ in China) is a semi-rare type of tea that is made in Yunnan, China. In the West, pu-erh tea is known for its health benefits, but there are many misconceptions about pu-erh’s flavor, processing, and other attributes.Home; Catalog; New Products; On Sale Now! Spring 2019 Loose Leaf Tea. White Tea – Spring 2019; Green Tea – Spring 2019; Black Tea – Spring 2019; Purple Tea (loose leaf) – Spring 2019Buy Pu Erh tea cakes. Luxury aged, organic Pu-erh teas. Best Pu-erh tea from China, Japan, Nepal and around the world. Tealyra. Collection #345.

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