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One each tea page on the Teasenz website, you can select the option to have your tea packed in premium gift tins. They’re made from durable metal and will help to keep the tea fresh. Get tea cakes in pouches. If you’re planning to buy pu erh or white tea cakes. Then checkout our pouches. They’re made from a combination of linen and cotton for …In China Pu Erh Tea is considered as a health-elixir, which has a beneficial functioning with several health problems such as aiding weightloss efforts, reduce blood cholesterol. It is also widely believed in Chinese cultures to counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption. The Health Benefits Including: losing weightPu-erh tea is a kind of fully fermented tea, which is rich in healthy elements and is regarded as the healthiest beverage. It also has a certain weight loss effect, so it is loved by many people. In addition, as the storage time increases, the quality and taste of Pu’er tea will become better and beRenowned for its refreshing and tonic attributes, this Pu-Erh has the unique particularity of improving with age. Packaged in a luxurious matte red and gold gift box adorned with a silk ribbon, the TWG Tea Pu-Erh Tea Brick is a perfect gift for the Lunar New Year season. Net Weight: 357gPu-erh tea or Pu’er is a type of dark tea that has its origins in the Yunnan province of China. The fermentation process of pu-erh is unique to the rest. It’s typically fermented within a period of 30 to 40 days.Pu Erh Tea Steeping Guide Leaf-to-water. There’s no definite right answer to the amount of pu erh tea you should use. This depends a bit on the size of your steeping vessel, characteristics of tea tea you want to brew, and most importantly your personal preferences.Pu-erh is usually a very highly fermented tea. You can purchase Pu-erh tea in loose leaf form but the traditional and most widely way to purchase Pu-erh tea is in brick or cake form, where they compress the tea leaves extremely tightly into the shape of a disc, brick, square, bird’s nest or some other tightly compressed shape.Tea Tea types White Green Matcha Oolong Black Pu-erh Rooibos Mate Herbal Profile Spices & cinnamon Fruits & Berries Nutty & Coconut Chocolate Mint Floral Dessert & Vanilla Straight Vegetal & Corn Origin Europe Latin America Other Asia India China Japan Africa Benefits Detox Recover Energizing Relax Stay fitKeep Running Pu’erh – buy at online tea store US. Delivery across United States and around the world. Keep Running Pu’erh reviews. Tealyra – Product #1649.

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