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One day I was drinking with tea fellows (some were sellers), ‘cucumber’ was how I selected to describe the taste of Bingdao, many nodded. Of course there are many Bingdaos with its tastes similar to Nannuo (or whatever), too. But again, the judgement was *only* my range of understanding. Don’t buy it, it’s ok.V Tea’s 14 Day Detox Cleanse is a good tea for suppressing appetite, removing toxins, and promoting weight loss. But rather than helping you achieve instant weight loss, the tea is actually focused on helping you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.Many in Asia feel that Pu-erh is the best cure for a hangover where it is consumed as a “detox tea”. Pu-erh tea is regarded as the best amongst all teas for its body slimming function and as a natural and safe dieter’s tea. Recent research suggests that consuming 5-8 cups of Pu-erh Tea each day can reduce cholesterol and plaque of the arteries.Best selection of the best loose pu erh tea. At Tealyra store you can find all kind of pu erh tea; rip, raw loose leaf pu erh or cakes. We offer the best aged pu er teas. Pu erh is the best tea for loss weight. Collection #345.Buy Pu Erh tea cakes. Luxury aged, organic Pu-erh teas. Best Pu-erh tea from China, Japan, Nepal and around the world. Tealyra. … 20 year aged pu’erh, mellow and smooth, with flavors of dark bourbon and a honey like sweetness … Light and citrussy tasting detox tea blend of pu’erh, mate and matcha …Raw pu-erh is green in appearance and has white buds. The taste is greener or grassier with a more noticeable bitterness and astringency. The flavors, textures, and complexity of raw pu-erh tea is much greater. When raw pu-erh tea ages, it becomes darker in color, less bitter, and smoother in taste.if you are looking for a pu erh tea to put in storage and allow it to mature, I recommend that you buy a raw pu erh (aka as sheng pu erh or green puerh). Cooked pu erh (aka shou pu erh) has undergone a process that hastens the fermentation process and further storage does not change the taste profile very much. Raw pu erh is best for aging.I’m reviewing in the afternoon because I prefer white tea around that time of day, this is a ripened pu – erh, but starting with “white” tea. The leaves are very flat and broken up, the same color as the raw pu – erh I had the other day, but definitely broken into smaller pieces. I expected the aging to give it more intensity than …I have been drinking three to four cups of Pu-Erh tea a day for about six weeks. In my recent research I read of a study in China that showed a 25% reduction in total cholesterol of the control group by drinking three cups a day for one month; supposedly better than the best prescription drugs on the market. I have read this about Pu-Erh before, but did not really pay attention to it as my …

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