warm puer tea soup for stomach protection of best tea drink

Pu-erh tea: it has the function of helping digest, remove greasy, Pu-erh tea also is well known for a weight loose tea. It is a kind of mild tea, can warm stomach, especially pu-erh shu tea. Oolong tea: it is a kind of semi-fermented tea, the ingredients contain in this tea can resist the absorb of your daily fat intake.The unique fragrance of Pu’er tea can last for a long time, the taste is strong and mellow, the soup is orange, and the Pu erh leaves can be brewed several times. The aged Pu erh tea is widely considered to have better taste. The best Pu erh tea brands include Dayi, Chensheng, Fujin, Lancang, Douji and Baohexiang.Like black tea or coffee, pu-erh tea also contains caffeine (about 60-70 mg per cup), which is why it is best to drink it earlier in the day. In addition to helping you wake up and feel more alert, its caffeine content gives your metabolism a nice little boost that increases your body’s ability to burn calories and fat.Warm Foods and Drinks That Benefit Digestion 37.3K Views 5 … don’t compare to the way a bowl of warm soup goes down and settles well on the stomach (minus the Cajun spices, of course). Warm …Pu’er tea is named after Pu’er City, which is located in the Yunnan Province of China. Ancient Camellia Sinensis Assamica tea trees have been growing in this region for centuries. They are among the tallest and oldest tea trees on the planet, and the leaves from these old trees contribute to pu’er’s special flavor.Pu-erh tea was produced from the southwest in china, Yunnan Province is especially known by people. Pu-erh tea not only has special old smells and color, but also its hairdressing and beauty your face, loosing the weight, nourishing the stomach and reduced-fat let more and more people fall in love with it.Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat.Pu-erh in Cantonese is known as po-lay, bo-lay tea, or bo-nay tea. Pu-erh tea can be divided into three groups: Pu-erh special tea, Pu-erh green tea and Yunnan black tea. It also can be classified into two types by its shape: Pu-erh compressed tea and loose tea. Pu-erh teas increase in flavor and value with age.The advantage of tea is that it can help digestion. Tannic acid and theophylline in tea can stimulate stomach glands, increase the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin and directly participate in the chemical digestion process, so as to decompose …A special woody earthy flavour, Pu-erh yields a strong colour brew but not bitter at all. Gentle to the stomach, Pu-erh is known in Chinese medicine as a good fat cleanser after eating heavy greasy food. Some Chinese herbalists would suggest their older patients to drink Pu-erh to help keeping their bodies warm in winter.

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