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Description. Our Puerh lavender tea is a blend of best quality puerh tea and lavender flower no artificial flavor added. This tea will be ideal for people who want to be benefited from fermented puerh tea plus like the lavender taste.The light fragrant Lavender lends an aromatic floral tone to the earthier flavor of the Pu-erh, and the tea cakes are a convenient way to brew your tea by dropping one tea cake into your cup or teapot. When brewed, the Lavender is revealed, and the tea is infused with its flavor and aroma.Flavored Pu-erh Tea. Packed or mixed with other ingredient to make a tea enjoyable. Product Compare (0) … The tangerine wrapped Pu-erh tea was made of large tea leaves harvested in Yunnan, and produced.. $1.79 Add to Cart. Gold Horse brand 8685 Tangerine Wrapped Pu-erh Tea 41g Up Large …Lavender tea is an immensely popular herbal tea. The beverage is known for calming and soothing effects as well as a sweet and floral aroma. Drinking lavender tea is a great way to escape into a world of bliss and succulent flavor. Brew up a cup of hot tea or iced tea with our favorite lavender tea recipes.This high altitude oolong tea comes from an artisan tea garden located within Nantou County in Central Taiwan. The delicate leaves are infused with lavender using the traditional method of layering natural ingredients with the tea, achieving an elegant aroma and flavor. This exceptional oolong has a light, sweet body with a long sweet aftertaste.Earthy, full-bodied pu-erh tea is mixed with the intoxicating scent of lavender, rosemary and fennel, with spicy ginger, cardamom and cloves, and a nice touch of sweet cinnamon and rooibos tea for an exceptional taste experience. Breath in its heady aroma and fill yourself with the warmth of this intriguing, herbal blend.This tea tiramisu recipe is their very obvious brainchild! Daniela was excited about the idea too, and suggested we use Pu-erh tea because of it’s bold, earthy flavor that would complement the cocoa and mascarpone well. I’d never heard of Pu-erh before, but Daniela is a tea sommelier, so I decided to trust her, and I’m so glad I did!Step 1: Brew Lavender Tea. Start by brewing lavender tea following the steps of the simple lavender tea recipe. Heat water to a boil and add the lavender flowers for steeping. Step 2: Refrigerate the Tea. Place the tea kettle or glass jug in the refrigerator to cool. You can leave the lavender buds in the tea to deepen the floral flavors.Pu erh Tea Tastes Like Dirt. Most people who drink pu erh the first time, find it too strong. “This pu erh tea tastes like dirt!” is something you often hear from first time drinkers. It’s important to note that there are two types of pu erh: raw & ripe. Especially with the latter type, people often complain the taste is too strong.Fast blending: Blend pu’erh tea with your favorite fruit tea. 3. White Spice tea. Light flavor of white tea blends well with tangy and spicy notes. Peppercorns are a great choice for adding a spicy note and dried strawberries give a tangy and sweet layer to light and delicate flavor of Bai Mu Dan. This tea contains caffeine. Ingredients:

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