Reliable puerh tea Pu-erh tea with Health made in Japan

Organic Japan Pu Erh Tea This award-winning organic tea is Japan’s version of the famous fermented tea from China. Pu-erh (also spelled pu’er or pu’erh), a city located in the Yunnan Province of China, is the namesake of pu-erh tea, the most famous subset of Chinese heicha (dark tea).2 thoughts on “ How is Pu erh Tea Made (aka pu’erh tea, pu er tea, pur erh tea) ” Kris May 25, 2016 at 11:21 am. Hi Peter, Very interesting and informative article here. I personally had no idea that there was such a thing as a matured tea! I love a nice cup of tea, but usually drink regular black tea with milk and sugar.Tea lovers with a taste for exotic varieties may be familiar with pu-erh tea, a brew prized for its rich flavor. Named for a city in the Yunnan region of China (and primarily produced in that region), pu-erh tea is also said to boast a wide range of health benefits.Japanese Diet Pu-Erh Tea – Saryu Soso is a national award-winning tea, good for diets and skin. Tea is extremely popular in Japan because of its benefits. Saryu Soso contains 1.7 times the tannic acid (a subset of Polyphenol, made up by Gallic Acid) compared to Chinese Pu-Erh tea.Raw Pu’erh processing is the original or “traditional” way of processing pu’erh. The tea leaves are processed in a very similar manner to green tea. Leaves are picked, withered, kill-green(ed) (sha qing), rolled, sun-dried and sorted. Compared with the sun-drying process of green tea, pu’erh tea is not dried with hot air.300 Year Old Gushu Raw PuErh Nan Nuo Spring 2019. Potent and physical raw PuErh made from over 300 year old tea trees in Nan Nuo forests. Half baked cookie dough, banana and starfruits moving to orange and grapefruit zests.6 thoughts on “ Who Sells Pu erh Tea – Where to Buy Pu erh Tea ” Simon Watson June 22, 2016 at 1:39 pm. This was are really interesting post on Pu erh tea. I though that your advice made complete sense and it was highly informative.We sell the finest Organic Sheng Pu’er tea (raw green tea) and Shu Pu’er (ripened black tea) made from sun-dried Shaiqing Mao Cha Green Tea. Pu’er tea has a unique bold and earthy character, and we offer various grades of both sheng and shu pu’er types, all of which are tailor-made for us.Organic Pu erh Tea. This Yunnan Puerh is created using the great traditions of Chinese Tea making. Historically this loose tea was made by burying the tea in casks in the soil these days after drying and rolling the teas are darkened using a post fermentation process. This is a very top quality loose leaf pu erh tea with a lovely dark brown leaf.

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