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High blood pressure is extremely common and is often referred to by its medicinal designation, hypertension. While there are plenty of hypotensive medications available for those with high blood pressure, those who prefer natural remedies can find many herbal tea varieties that can effectively lower blood pressure. Tea for High Blood PressureAnother option is Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea, which has the same blood pressure-fighting quality with more of a blackberry leaf and lemongrass flavor. While tea can help lower your hypertension, it’s not all you need to lower your blood pressure.Drinking high-quality green tea helps lower blood pressure naturally, and some of the latest research in this area confirms such health benefits.High Grade Healthy Hot Sale Assam Organic Black Tea Weight Loss Lower Blood Pressure Tea , Find Complete Details about High Grade Healthy Hot Sale Assam Organic Black Tea Weight Loss Lower Blood Pressure Tea,Assam Organic Black Tea,High Grade Healthy Black Tea,Weight Loss Lower Blood Pressure Tea from Slimming Tea Supplier or Manufacturer-Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd.Oregano is one of the herbs for lowering blood pressure that has any beneficial properties. It contains something called carvacrol, which gets assimilated into your body and helps lower high blood pressure. This substance has anti-inflammatory and vasodilator effects, which work together to regulate your heart rate and the blood flow through your arteries.(There is a bit of research on rosemary and high blood pressure here.) One thing about rosemary is that the stem itself will impart a bit of bitter flavor to your tea. This is only noticeable if you are reusing the rosemary in subsequent batches (a strategy I use often with tea) or let it steep a long time.Studies have shown that using this oil for high blood pressure can help reduce heart rate and stress, and increase blood circulation. During one study, a group was instructed to use tea tree essential oil three times per week, while the other group did not.Hibiscus tea is a safe, effective and tasty way to manage high blood pressure. PHOTO: ALISON ROGERS Recent studies show that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure as effectively as some standard …Lifestyle changes can significantly reduce high blood pressure and even lower your risk for hypertension in the future. Here’s 17 ways to lower your blood pressure, such as exercises to do and …

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