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Difference shape of ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea; There two types of the products of ripe Pu-erh tea: loose tea and pressed tea. The loose Pu-erh tea are wide, tight, heavy and shown in brown or maroon. The pressed Pu-erh tea is made by pressing the loose tea. The shapes are mainly in the form of pie, brick, block or others.Ripe pu-erh tea is darker in color, in terms of both the dry leaves and the soupy color. The ripe fermentation process creates a taste that is sweet, smooth, somewhat earthy and fragrant. While ripe pu-erh tea is usually a bit cheaper than the raw variety, purchasing the cheapest version available is not recommended.As for ripe pu-erh tea, it was a newly invented tea product in 1970s. The ripe pu-erh tea was made by microbiological fermentation with refer to the production method of compost. The raw pu-erh tea in fact is one kind of green tea. The difference in process between green tea and raw pu-erh tea is only about the drying method.The main reason Pu-erh is special and different from other types of tea is that it has been fully oxidized. Once you learn how to brew Pu-erh tea properly, it can easily become your favorite drink on a daily basis. Over time, the tea is fermented and ripened, giving it a uniquely intense, complex flavor with a deep color once brewed.It also falls into one of two sub-categories, raw pu’erh tea and ripe pu’erh tea. Many people trying it for the first time prefer the taste of ripe pu’her tea, which is newer to the world and originated in the 1970s, while tea connoisseurs and collectors often prefer it in its raw form.This mao cha is the result of picking, pan firing, rolling and sun-drying leaves. As said before, Mao cha is then compressed into sheng pu erh cakes, or wet stored to create shou pu erh. We discuss the wet storage steps below. The process of wet piling involves piling, wetting, and turning the tea leaves which is similar to composting:If you are new to pu erh tea and have yet to discover the different types of aromas it offers, then this mini tuocha tea mix is the right place to start. Reap the weight loss benefits of this pu erh while enjoying the diverse mix of flavors that ensure you will never get bored.Most ripe Pu-erh teas tend to brew a dark colored soup, yet this one showed some special character like an aged tea. It was found that this cake was actually made of arbor tea leaves from old stock back in 2002. For an aged Pu-erh tea, the color is bright even it steeped for longer time, it is so much so for this tea.35 Responses to A Real Puer Tea Weight Loss Success Story. larryc says … In fact, some people drink it to help them sleep. It has the amino acids theanine and GABA which help you relax and sleep. For most people we recommend 5-10 cups of puer a day. … Then I got pregnant. I couldn’t drink pu-erh tea during pregnancy and later while …8 thoughts on “ Pu erh Tea For Weight Loss ” Louis March 29, 2016 at 9:38 am. Hi Peter, Personally I do think Pu Erh tea can help a bit on losing weight. I’m a Chinese who have been staying in different countries in Asian over the past years. It’s a habit of a lot of the Chinese to drink different kinds of tea in daily life.

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