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10 kinds of Different Flavors Tea Chinese Top-Grade Raw and Cooked Pu’Er Tea, Yunnan Puer tea, Slimming Mini Pu’erh Tuocha. Original Flavor Mini Cooked TuoCha. Original Flavor Mini Raw TuoCha. Lotus Leaf Flavor Mini Cooked TuoCha.Home › Products › Pu Er Tea › Very Good Tea › Dropshipping! 1 piece free shipping Flavor Pu er, Pu’erh tea, Mini Yunnan Puer tea ,Chinese tea, Click to see details. Dropshipping! 1 piece free shipping Flavor Pu er, Pu’erh tea, Mini Yunnan Puer tea ,Chinese tea, 60 % of buyers enjoyed this product! Availability: in stock.Pu-erh tea (also commonly known as ‘puer,’ ‘pu’er,’ ‘po lei’ and ‘bolay’ tea, and known as ‘dark tea’ or ‘black tea’ in China) is a semi-rare type of tea that is made in Yunnan, China. In the West, pu-erh tea is known for its health benefits, but there are many misconceptions about pu-erh’s flavor, processing, and other attributes.Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Cake Raw Tea Sheng Tea Natural Organic Health Puer Tea普洱茶 357g. Brand New. … Puerh tea cake, Original flavor, 2 pieces, 5-7g each, from Yun Nan, China . Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars.Sale Cafe Relax Diet 500g Puer Tea Extract Powder Herbal Health Care Tea _sgdo. $49.49. … Original Flavor 5g Riped Yunnan Gloden Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha Shu Puer Tea … almost harsh flavor; aged raw tea brews an amber broth and possesses a mellow flavor. Fresh ripe tea brews into a bright red broth possessing a smooth mellow flavor; old ripe tea …Pu-erh tea bricks and Tuo Cha – compressed varieties of Pu-erh tea cakes With a long history of consumption, Pu-erh tea now is available in a variety of compressed forms and weights to meet the consumer needs. Pu-erh tea Tuo Cha and bricks are generally smaller in volume than the traditional cakes.Sheng pu-erh from Mengku Rongshi tea factory named as “Cha Hun” – Tea Spirit. Intensive fragrance of flower garden, smooth liquor with very light bitterness is suggesting this tea for another year or two for storage for people who are sensitive to that kind of taste.Pu’er Tea Cooked Tea Yunnan Pu’er Tea Old Tea 坨 Original Flavor Tea 沱 Haishu Tea Dry Warehouse Chen Pu’er Tea 500g Click on the ↑↑↑ Sub-category ↑↑↑ to filter more related products Product Code: 596800336493Pu-erh’s distinct flavor comes from the fact that after the leaves are picked, they are made into a sundried base tea called maocha and then fermented. After that, the leaves are aged and then packed into bricks or cakes. You brew pu-erh tea the same as you would brew black and oolong teas. Heat good quality water to a vigorous boil.7 Healthy Teas You Should Be Drinking (Instead Of Coffee Or Soda) By Megan Breinig … Many different types of tea, such as white tea, green tea, yellow tea, black tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea, … Herbal teas are great alternatives to surgary drinks due to their sweet, floral flavors. Additionally, herbal teas have been used for health …

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