Gold yellow gushu soup puerh teas

Young Gushu is our premium series of Gushu Raw PuErh which has been sourced to enjoy young. Although they will no doubt age spectacularly, teas which we select to be called a ‘Young Gushu’ have to be super enjoyable, easy drinkers from the first year with a potent tea high!The Naka king makes its way with a robust and specific taste even in the autumn season. Very powerful tea that despite it’s overwhelming strengh makes you calm and quiet. Sweetish and very pleasant aftertaste. Nicely made leaves are visible from the first sight, strong stalks and veins are apparent in this high mountain gushu pu-erh tea.200-300 Year Old Gushu Raw PuErh He Beng & Guo Gan Spring 2019. A blend of Raw Gushu PuErh from China and Myanmar to make a uniquely soft and luxurious tea. Alpine flowers, light chocolate milk, wet mountain rocks, apple and black pepper.Picked from tea plants growing in Ning’Er county in Simao prefecture. Only the bud shoots were picked. The tea is lightly wilted and processed to keep it’s delicate taste and appearance intact. A kind of chocolate and malt taste comes from the brewed gold-orange tea soup. Aroma is thick and sweet. An enjoyable expInformation on, a directory of their teas and other products, including customer reviews … This inner pictures was my first impression while I was sipping on those golden yellow cups. This last Sheng sample by stimulated my mind to send it on a very tasteful journey in every possible way. … ZeroZen drank 2015 Gushu …Difference shape of ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea; There two types of the products of ripe Pu-erh tea: loose tea and pressed tea. The loose Pu-erh tea are wide, tight, heavy and shown in brown or maroon. The pressed Pu-erh tea is made by pressing the loose tea. The shapes are mainly in the form of pie, brick, block or others.Mei Leaf / Chinalife – 1600 Year old Pu-erh. I have noticed the company Mei Leaf come to my attention on YouTube recently and they appear to have some very impressive pu-erh they sell. I have searched Steepster and for both chinalife and mei leaf and found very little.What is “Fake” Puerh Tea? Fake Puerh tea is not as easy to define as most fake products. Fake gold is a metal which is not gold. A fake Rolex is a watch that was not made by the Rolex company. But, what is “fake” Puerh tea? First, fake Puerh tea can be fake in the sense that it is not actually from Yunnan or from a Puerh varietal and …This Xiaguan mushroom shape raw puerh tea is made for Fei Tai (For Taiwan)” means this product was a special order of “Fei Tai” Company. Fei Tai Company is the biggest Xiaguan TF and Menghai TF pu-erh tea distributor in Taiwan. It is claimed that the customized products of Fei Tai company reaches a higher quality in Xiaguan TF.We tend to source Gushu (ancient tea tree) Sheng (raw) PuErh because it has a richness and complexity which young tea trees cannot achieve. However, Gushu’s are pricey and we are always on the search for delicious, middle-aged tea tree pickings and when we tasted this He Kai, we bought up the whole batch after a few infusions.

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