Drink puer tea for breakfast or after meals make you more healthy

Drinking tea with or after meals — good or bad? Drinking a cup of tea every morning makes your feel fresh. But having it with meals may not be a good idea.There is a rumor circulating the interwebs that pu-erh tea should only be drunk following meals and because of this, people often ask, “for weight loss, should I drink pu-erh tea before or after meals?” Gotta love the internet–one person publishes something, and everyone else knowing very littlePu-erh tea may be a great way to boost your overall health and add more variety to your tea cabinet. Although it’s safe to drink in moderation, you should check with your doctor if you have an …Good quality pu-erh often appeals to coffee drinkers and pairs well with rich desserts. The flavor and reputed health benefits of pu-erh tea also make it a great option for drinking as a digestif after a heavy meal; indeed, in China and Hong Kong, it is often consumed during and after heavy or greasy meals, like dim sum.Many tea friends around us will drink a cup of tea when getting up, however, from a scientific point of view, this eating habit is not healthy, and do you know why? One tea friend told me via private message that he would drink a cup of tea after getting up, but somebody said it was bad for our stomach.That’s right. These foods and drinks may actually make you feel dehydrated and leave you asking for more water. We enlist foods that can make you thirsty as you consume them. 1. Coffee and Tea. Any caffeinated drink including coffee and tea, which is a diuretic, will leave you thirsty as it makes you urinate frequently.For those who may be at risk of iron deficiency, drink your tea at least an hour before or after meals and make an effort to consume either more fish, poultry or meat or more foods containing vitamin C when you eat plant-based forms of iron. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron.If you drink Pu-erh at the wrong times, it is said that it will actually cause you to gain weight instead. The best time to drink a cup of Pu-erh tea for weight loss goals is one hour after a meal, so that the Pu-erh tea can remove excess grease and help your body eliminate unwanted and leftover, hard-to-digest fats.You can branch out and drink many different kinds of tea in one day — it’s merely a matter of finding the right kind of tea to match the mood, meal, or time of day. Early Morning To start the day off, try white tea — it has a light aromatic quality with subtle, nuanced flavors, which may be more apparent in the morning when the palette is …Pu-erh is a type of green tea that’s fermented and comes in little green balls that look a bit more like contraband you’d buy at a Phish show than like typical tea. Animal studies have shown that pu-erh decreases fat storage and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Among humans, it’s been shown to have anti-cancer properties.

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