Delicious green tea Pu-erh tea with Health made in Japan

While not from Pu-erh, this Organic Japan Pu-erh Tea boasts one of the most innovative tea production techniques on the market, borrowing manufacturing methods from both pu-erh production and Japanese sake brewing. It begins with unoxidized green tea that is fermented using traditional sake kuro-koji bacteria.Apparently the town of Pu erh was the logistics hub where the tea was stocked and prepared for trading, which is probably why the tea was named Pu erh. How is Pu erh Tea Made – Green Pu erh tea and Cooked Pu erh tea. Pu erh tea is made in two different ways. One way is called Raw pu erh or Green (Sheng) pu erh.Japanese Diet Pu-Erh Tea – Saryu Soso is a national award-winning tea, good for diets and skin. Tea is extremely popular in Japan because of its benefits. Saryu Soso contains 1.7 times the tannic acid (a subset of Polyphenol, made up by Gallic Acid) compared to Chinese Pu-Erh tea.Green, black, white, oolong and pu-erh tea are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to China and India and contains specific antioxidants known as flavonoids. Herbal teas such as chamomile, Echinacea, hibiscus, rooibos and ginger as made from herbs, fruits, seeds or roots, which have lower concentrations of antioxidants and …What Is Pu-Erh Tea. You’ve probably heard of the true teas such as green, white and oolong teas that are made from the Camellia sinensis plant, but you may not have heard of pu-erh tea.Pu-erh tea, pronounced poo-air, also comes from the same plant and boasts numerous health benefits.Green tea is often lauded for the many amazing health benefits that it touts. However, in Asia, the birthplace of tea, green tea is widely enjoyed not only for medicinal effects, but also for the many dimensions of flavor that can be experienced through the different varieties.Green tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant known by the botanical name Camellia sinensis. The tea plant is also used to produce black tea, white tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea. These types of teas are known as true teas — they’re the only teas that actually come from the tea plant.Mao Cha Old Tree Pu-erh is a special find made from 50 to 100 year old Yunnan tea trees. It is made similarly to white teas – withered in the sun for a few hours, then dried in a heated room at about 90°. The leaf is left to age where natural oxidation and fermentation from the organisms in the tea leaf create it’s unique flavor.Gold Tea Oil is made from 100% tea seeds that were harvested in Shizuoka. It is the first edible tea seed oil made in Japan. This bright golden tea oil has a nutty flavor with dense sweetness, good umami and the slight aroma of young tea leaves. It is rich in oleic and linolei cacids, and antioxidants β- carotene, vitamin C and E as well as CoQ10.

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