2006 Xiaguan Xiao Fa Ripe Pu Er Tea Tuo In Box

Xiaguan Tea Factory (下关茶叶厂) Xiaguan Tea Factory is located in Xiaguan, near the old city of Dali (大理), and is especially famous for the production of ‘tuocha ‘ (沱茶). This region of Yunnan has a very good temperate climate with clean water and tall mountains, which of course they attribute to the quality of their teas.Welcome to CHINA GRANDNESS TEA CO.,LTD on eBay store.is mainly engaged in high quality Chinese tea, tea wares and some unique Chinese natural herbal tea. We sincerely welcome all the friends and customers who are interested in our products and Chinese culture. Who open dipsute and leave a bad feedback, who we will put in banned black list, PLEASE NOTED !!!!The “Xiao Fa” or “Little French” tuo is a classic Xiaguan Ripe Pu-erh tuo tea. It has been produced since the 1970’s. It was the first Pu-erh tea to be exported to western countries. This 2007 Ripe tuo is smooth with a camphor and wood aroma and a sweet taste. A great tea for aging or drinking now!Net Weight: 100 gramThe shape of Xiaguan Tuocha was set by “Yong Chang Xiang” firm in 1902. The biggest characteristic of this design is increased surface area, make contact with the air to keep Tuocha dry and accelerate the fermentation process. Xiaguan Tea Factory was founded in 1941 and is located in Dali, Yunnan, China.We are considering 10 years older to be “Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea”. … 2005 Xiaguan “Xiao Fa Tuo” Aged Ripe Pu-erh tea tuo in box. $24.00 Quick View + … 12 Years Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea of Mengku in Gift Box. from $47.00 Subscribe to our newsletter.2006 JA JI TUO CHA * XiaGuan Tea Raw Pu’er Pu Erh Puer Tea 100g Nice Box 2006 JA JI $13.99. … 1998 Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo Cha Xiaguan Puerh Ripe Pu’er Tea 250g Export to France 1998 Xiaguan Xiao $23.98.One of the oldest type of compressed Chinese Pu-erh, known as Tuocha Tea or Yunnan Tuo cha, the most famous one is Xiaguan Tuocha, and then Meng Hai Pu Erh Tuo Cha. Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.In the month of October 2014, the tea of the month was Ripe Pu’erh. During this month, I had Ripe Pu’erh at least once a day (unless totally unfeasible). I’ll still consume other teas, but the primary focus is understanding and building a palate for a specific type/genre/region of tea through repetition.Shopping for Cheap Tea at HealthTeaHouse Store and more from on Aliexpress.com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China*Pu-erh Tea* Liming 2006 Arbor Pu-erh Raw Pu’er Tea Cake-357g. … Time left: 2h 16m. 2014 Xiaguan Plateau Aged Raw Puer Tuo Cha-100g(M etal Box)Free Shipping. $12.30: Time left: 2h 21m. More options. Yunnan Xiaguan 2006 Social Teardrop Raw Puer Tea*Free Shipping … 2018 Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo Cha*Puer Tea* Ripe Puer Tuo Cha-100g Free Shipping …

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