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This is purely Lao Man’e village ripe pu-erh tea harvested in spring 2018 and then wet piled in the late summer of 2018. Entirely Lao Man E old plantation material Lao Man’e village in the Bu Lang mountains. Lao Man’e is a village in the Bu Lang Mountain range, not far from Lao Ban Zhang and also quite near Jie LiangThis is a new blend of old arbor tea various sources. “An Xiang” 暗香 (Secret Aroma) has a strong aroma, incredibly robust taste, and a thick mouth feeling. Brewed leaves are burly and thick, and the tea soup is a full-bodied golden-yellow. 250 Grams per Cake Wrapper Design by Анна Володько Just 60 Kilograms in totalThis is a ripe pu-erh tea cake processed entirely from Yi Wu area spring 2017 tea leaves. A mix of plantation and wild arbor (not old tree) tea leaves were expertly wet piled in Menghai town for 42 days. The wet piling process was done with great care to preserve much of the green character of the leaf. This is also250g 2012yr Yunnan Haiwan Old Comrade Ripe Brick Puer Tea Lao Tong Zhi Black Puerh Tea $ 22.99 (0) … 357g 2016yr Xia Guan Pao Bing Ripe Puer Tea Cake Black Puerh Tea Slimming Tea $ 18.99 (6) … Star of Menghai *Dayi Brand Pu-erh Tea 2012yr Ripe Cake Puer Tea $ 76.99 (0) Sale.A classic Xinghai ripe tea produced from the late 90’s until. Xinghai tea factory is the 2nd producer of ripe tea in Menghai town (after Menghai tea factory), and has an excellent “wo dui” fermentation process. This cake is called “Menghai Old Tree” and is also “Silver Peacock” recipe. Our 2005 Silver Peacock was aThe raw material of this 100g ripe pu-erh tea cake is blended with 3rd to 5th grade raw material that followed a very popular traditional recipe of Pu-erh Weizhi Tea Factory. It is a simple piece, no fancy backgrounds. But it follows the classic recipe and well expressed a typical, well fermented ripe pu-erh tea.Dragon Tea House is a China-based international trading company mainly focus on exporting various kinds of China teas and teawares. We are a leading supplier of high quality bulk tea including BLACK, PU-ERH, GREEN, OOLONG, YELLOW, WHITE and FLORAL TEA. We have complete series of tea accessories.Welcome to my eBay Store. We would like to provide you with the finest and fresh tea and many kinds of teawares. Famous Chinese teas available: Oolong, Green tea, Black tea, White tea, Blooming tea etc., from China directly! Please feel free to contact us. Thanks!Pu er, puer or pu erh tea has long been known as a healthy tea. Puerh tea can be divided into 2 categories, the raw (sheng) or green pu erh and ripened (shou) or cooked black pu erh. Puer tea leaves are harvested from the large leaf tea shrubs in southern Yunnan in China.

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