Yunnan 500 Years Tea Trees, High Quality Puerh Raw Tea

We specialise in high quality, handmade Puerh Tea from ancient trees growing naturally in the forests of Yunnan. … We offer selected pressings from other producers and also travel to the mountains of Yunnan each year to select raw teas and press our own ….new 2003 CNNP "Small Green Mark Iron Cake" Raw Pu-erh Tea A CNNP branded production pressed into an iron cake. … This 2013 Spring Na Ka production is a very high quality production from wild arbor tea trees and bushes from the Na Ka mountain area in ….2008 Awazon " Manjin Ancient Tea " Organic Ancient Tea Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake 357 g Recommendation Rank … Both surface and inside parts are high quality Pu-erh tea. It has a faint scent with traditional mellowness of fine Pu-erh. Other similar 250g ….Puerh lovers will often start with ripe Puerh, and gradually get fond of raw Puerh. Ancient tea trees of 500 – 1000 years’ history in Fengqing ….While some individuals oversee small-scale production of high-quality tea, such as the Xizihao and Yanqinghao brands, … Well-aged raw pu'erh and well-crafted ripe pu'erh tea may produce a dark reddish liquor, reminiscent of a dried jujube, but in either case the ….AN OVERVIEW OF TEA Tea’s origin began in China, long considered to be the source of the indigenous tea plant and later, the birthplace of the first cultivated tea gardens. A long, long time ago, indigenous wild tea plants were found in the lush and thick forest ….gradually get fond of raw Puerh. Ancient tea trees of 500 – 1000 years’ history in Fengqing … This Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea is from Mr. Kong who have been engaged in tea field for more than ten years. He focus on providing high quality teas to tea ….Typically Yunnan Black teas are made from Assamica or Assamica hybrids. Since the end of the Second World War Yunnan Black teas have steadily increased in popularity and in the last 20 years a series of interesting hybrids were developed that greatly ….Buy Yunnan pu erh tea online direct from China at wholesale prices. Teasenz is the leading Yunnan puer tea supplier with a large collection of authentic puerhs. … What is pu erh tea? Pu erh tea, also written a pu’er (普洱茶 in Chinese), is a special type of tea that ….Five key points which determine Pu-erh tea’s quality: origin place, years of tea trees, picking time, level and storage method. … Place The high quality Puerh should use the Yunan Large-leaf variety. The main traditional Puerh production areas are Xishuangbanna ….2014 Yunnan Sourcing Teas 2015 Yunnan Sourcing Pu-erh Teas: 2015 Yunnan Sourcing Pu-erh Teas 2016 Yunnan … is a mountainous in Jinggu County of Simao where 100-250 year old tea trees are growing. Shan Hou tea trees are Assamica varietal growing ….2008 Awazon "Jinmai Ancient Tea" Organic Ancient Tea Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g Quantity: Price: $98.00 … Spring Tea "Fo Xiang" — high quality Yunnan green tea Quantity: Price: $5.70 ….If you have a good quality puerh, you can steep the tea up to fifteen times! Puerh tea should be stored in a place with enough fresh air and out of direct sunlight. The room doesn’t have to be totally dry, since a little humidity can influence this tea in a positive ….Since Autumn 2013 all Yunnan Sourcing brand Pu-erh tea cakes are tested in a lab and are guaranteed European Union MRL Compliant! (Maximum Residue Limit for Pesticide Content). ….A TeaVivre brand raw pu-erh cake – older than 300 years, authentic pu-erh tea tree in Yunnan, high quality, and desirable taste – the Fengqing Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake 2014 deserves to be in your collection. Add to wish list ….We provide high quality, healthy Raw Pu-erh and Ripen Puerh of various kinds for bulk purchase. Site Nav Tea and the, wholesale store Sign in Enter your search Contact Us Select Menu ….Puerh Tea Sheng Cha, Wholesale Various High Quality Puerh Tea Sheng Cha Products from Global Puerh Tea Sheng Cha Suppliers … Wholesaler Advanced Search Related Searches for puerh tea sheng cha: yunnan qizi bing cha er shi si wei liang cha bing ….Raw puerh that is produced from 500 year's old tea tree at high mountain of Lin Cang. It gives very delicate flavor that reminds us of white tea, steamed rice or suger cane. ….Yunnan Green tea is less well known outside of China but has been a staple of Yunnan and Chinese … The first flush Yunnan green teas are typically harvested in the last week of February just after Chinese New Year. Yunnan green tea varietals are numerous ….While all tea comes from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis, there exist hundreds of kinds of teas, with their own individual appearance, taste, and aroma. L Free Nationwide Shipping Sign in Home Most Popular …

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