Yiwu pressed Puerh cake Tea

Yunnan Xiaguan Puer Raw Jinbang Series 8653 2015 CHI TSE BEENG CHA Pu-erh 357g. 2002 Cooked Cha Old Fossil Pu-erh Tea Nuggets Ancient Tree Yunnan Pu’er Tea Puer. Puer Raw 2003 Mengsong Wild Tea Pressed Qizi Cake of Yiwu Classic Tea Puerh 357g | eBay2006 Yiwu King of Kings Ancient Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Cake Sample 25g From famous Yiwu Manluo Tea Factory comes this light-aged tea cake, a classic Yiwu. This is a classic Yiwu that brews a coppertone liquor tasted both mellow and full in the mouth.Manluo Yiwu Zhengshan Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake. The cake was made by using Yiwu materials at Yiwu Manluo Tea Factory. It labeled as ‘Jingpin’, namely premium. Few teafactories made ripe teas by using Yiwu Zhengshan materials, because they were expensive. Currently, this tea cake is selling at 325 RMB (roughly $ 48 USD) at Chinese eBay (Taobao).In 2008 we travelled to Yiwu and pressed our first puerh cakes, marking the beginning of what was to become The Essence of Tea. Each year since then we’ve pressed puerh cakes and we thought it only fitting that we should mark this anniversary with a puerh tea cake from Yiwu’s Guoyoulin.Home Shop Tea Pu erh Teas Pu-Erh Tea Cake, Yiwu Mountain Wild Arbor Tea , Year 2003 (Raw/Sheng) Free Shipping In USA Over $80 Fast Worldwide ShippingPuer Raw 2003 Mengsong Wild Tea Pressed Qizi Cake of Yiwu Classic Tea Puerh 357g Puer Raw 2003. Raw Mengsong 2003 Puer Yiwu Classic Puerh 357g Wild of Qizi Tea Pressed Tea Cake Cake Tea Tea Pressed Raw Wild Puerh of Classic 357g Mengsong Qizi Puer 2003 Yiwu. $49.98.Yiwu Jinglong Laoshu Chachang 易武景龙老树茶厂 (Yiwu, Yunnan, China) is a family-run tea factory, specializing in high quality tea – ripe puerh (shu pu-er cha), raw puerh (sheng pu-er cha) and black tea. Now in collaboration with Asiatea LLC it offers western tea aficionados some of it’s best teas under Jinglong Tea Factory brand.This Mijing raw Pu-erh tea cake is manufactured by selecting fine tea leaves picked before Qingming (early spring, before rainy season) from old arbor tea tree in Yiwu tea mountain, Yunnan, China. Blended by our tea experts. Both surface and inside part are the same quality.Sheng puerh from spring harvest tea leafs from young arbor Yiwu tea trees , medium pressed by stone. Typical notes as big trees, just the heavier / longer steepings will reveal the true age of tea leafs. It gets more bitter and slight astringent, yet the qualities like fruitiness will remain in your cup quite few infusions. This cake has very …

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