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The tea is passed over a series of sieves which sorts it into different sized leaf particles. Then the tea is ready to be packed up and shipped to us and our expert tea tasters and great production teams get to work on preparing a blend to be enjoyed by Tetley drinkers.Woman picking tea leaves at a tea plantation. (Getty Images/stellalevi) Unilever’s announcement that their teas are “slave-free” follows a long campaign to make the world’s largest tea supply chain transparent. Last year, Unilever and Nestlé became the first two food companies to declare …Tetley’s Eaglescliffe factory is the best example for implementing this project and has been zero to landfill since the year of 2013. By working with waste management partners, we have devised an integrated plan for different types of wastes produced in a tea factory. This project has led to the following benefits: a.Tata Global Beverages intends that all the tea that it buys for the Tetley® brand sold in United States of America shall be 100% sustainably sourced by 2016. Tata Global Beverages is in the process of setting up setting up similar target for its coffee brand sold in United States of America.Tetley will supply the raw materials for Delta to manufacture the pods and the range will be distributed and marketed initially in Portugal, alongside their existing range of 7 coffee capsule sku’s. This is a great example of Tata Global Beverages working with a key partner to drive value and innovation into the tea category.Tea bag manufacturing is a trendy business idea and profitable too. There is a growing demand of tea bags in recent times both in domestic and international market not only because of its accessibility but tea bag has got huge promotion by a large number of small business owners.The most common material from which tea bags are made is filter paper. Filter paper is usually made of abaca, the leaf stalk of a banana plant from the Philippines. Most mass-produced tea bags are made in an assembly line. Two large rolls of filter paper are fed through a machine that releases dried tea leaves between them.Raw Materials Tea bags are composed of two main ingredients: processed tea leaves and filter-paper bags. The top tea leaves and leaf buds are hand-picked from the plant. The leaves are then subjected to several processes including withering, rolling, drying, cutting, and blending. … Tea bag assembly 7 Two large rolls of filter paper are fed …In addition to the above is our collaboration with Rainforest Alliance. All Tetley black, green, and red (Rooibos) tea, including flavoured and decaffeinated varieties, are now purchased from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea gardens. New Tetley packs on shelf will now read 100% certified next to the Rainforest Alliance logo.

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