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Harvesting. Among the six types of Chinese tea, green tea is the least processed. Because of this, its quality is heavily dependent on the quality of tea leaves picked. Traditionally, high-grade Chinese green tea is harvested early spring before 5 April, or Qingmingjie. These teas are known as Mingqian or Pre-Ming.This section includes green teas from the four classic Chinese Spring Green Tea plucks (see seasonal tea by country). It also includes yellow tea, white tea, oolongs, and black tea. Some specific examples include: – early harvests of all the types of tea from the various regions of China; – early-harvest black teas from the Himalaya:Another great place to get amazingly healthy, pesticide-free tea is from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is definitely my go-to when it comes to organic tea brands. How to Know if Your Tea Is Safe If you want to only drink organic tea brands, look for the certified organic label on the package so you know that your tea was cultivated without harmful …Green tea might seem like a new trend, encouraged by medical professionals, news reports and journals for its health benefits, but in fact, green tea is older and more traditional for both China and the west than black tea. Only after some fortuitous accidents did tea drinking in Europe move from trAlthough green tea is commonly believed to be a weight loss aid, there is no good evidence that its long-term consumption has any meaningful benefit in helping overweight or obese people to lose weight, or that it helps to maintain a healthy body weight. Use of green tea for attempted weight loss carries a small risk of adverse effects, such as …Tea processing is the method in which the leaves from the tea plant Camellia sinensis are transformed into the dried leaves for brewing tea.. The categories of tea are distinguished by the processing they undergo. In its most general form, tea processing involves different manners and degree of oxidation of the leaves, stopping the oxidation, forming the tea and drying it.Tea is a beverage made from the leaves of tea plants (Camellia sinensis) and boiled water.Tea leaves are processed using traditional Chinese methods. Chinese tea is consumed throughout the day, including during meals, as a substitute for plain water or for simple pleasure.

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