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Acting in synergy with the range of cosmeceuticals, THÉMAÉ has developed a collection of premium Teas, to be enjoyed in calm tranquillity. Tea provides an effective dose of Polyphenols to preserve the beauty and youth of skin: it is also an excellent anti-stress agent, bringing a sensation of “calm consciousness” to the soul.Do you know about the anti-aging benefits of your favorite tea? From stress relief to boosting energy levels and allergy symptoms, the reported health benefits of tea are truly endless! Here are top 5 anti-aging teas to fight ageing and stay healthy.The Pu-erh tea gets better with the age -like a wine, the older it is the more flavorful it will taste. 10 Reasons to Drink Pu-Erh Tea: Antioxidant Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory Anti Aging Cleansing and Detoxing your body Helps with Digestion Stress-relief Helps to Sleep Helps to reduce Cholesterol level Helps in Weight lossSuperfruit Mango is a juicy fruit blend featuring our superfruit superstar goji berries, together with ruby pomegranate and luscious mango! Goji berries (枸杞子 Gou Qi Zi, or wolfberries) are a natural, and popular Chinese health food that can be steeped as tea.The addition of apple, cinnamon, orange peel, and licorice root give this blend its delicious hot cider flavor. A perfect tea for a crisp fall day! Mulled Wine Fruit Blend. Tasting almost exactly like the wine punch, yet without the alcohol, this blend gets its explosion of flavor from a blend of apple, cinnamon, oranges, and cloves.Cleanse your body and mind with Full Leaf’s Organic Detox Tea! This delicious blend has a minty flavor with a slight hint of lemon. Specially formulated to optimize health, Organic Detox was blended to create the perfect balance of detoxification and healing to make you feel invigorated and renewed!Goodwyn tea brings you the flavours of fruits in teas. Buy tea online from Goodwyn to blend fruity flavor to your tea and get the real flavored tea taste.Tea Type : Green Tea Tea Forté’s Passion Fruit Papaya is an exquisite green tea blend bursting with tropical flavor. This refreshing beverage features the flavors of organic mango, orange peel, sunflower petals, passion fruit, papaya, and apple all swirling together in an island-inspired experience.Black tea leaves are harvested, rolled, and oxidized which results in their deep black color. Furthermore, black tea contains the highest caffeine content of all teas and is often used as a pick-me-up alternative to coffee in the morning. Black teas tend to have a stronger flavor than other true teas. Green Tea

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