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Ripe Pu-erh Tea is a sub-type of Pu-erh tea that has undergone a “wet piling” process. Wet Piling aka “wo dui” was originally applied to Pu-erh in the 1970’s as a way to fast age raw pu-erh (sheng cha), making it more palatable and smooth like a fully aged raw pu-erh. The process is accomplished by piling sheng pu-erhBrand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop. 5 star rating 5 Reviews. Quantity . See more: Tea Club Box. Tags: Pu-erh Sampler, Pu-erh Tea, Raw Pu-erh, Ripe Pu-Erh, Sample Available, sampler, Tea Club. Share. Tweet. Fancy. Now you can subscribe right here in this product listing and get this every month at a discount, or you can purchase as a one-time …2013 COFCO CNNP Y562 Ripe Pu-erh Tea in Box 100g. 2013 COFCO Y562 Pu-erh Tea COFCO (used to call CNNP), China National Cerea.. $6.90 Add to Cart. 2013 Yue Guang Bai Premium Loose Leaf Tea 50g. The pesticide testing has been conducted on this tea, and the tea passed the test against multiple c.. $5.60 …2013 COFCO Y562 Pu-erh Tea. COFCO (used to call CNNP), China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation, is one of China’s state-owned food processing holding companies.COFCO Group is China’s largest food processing, manufacturer and trader, it holds the 136th place in the Global 500 companies.. All pu-erh teas under COFCO are made in famous Kunming TeaFactory.Pu’erh is made from either special old pu’erh tea trees or from younger bushes on a plantation. Ripe pu’erh tea is made by artificial fermentation and it first appeared in 1973. Pu’erh comes in many shapes and flavors, from loose leaf to bricks, mushrooms, cakes and bird’s nests, some of them being extremely old.Toki/Tim (of Mandarin Tea) outlines two primary reasons for pu’erh storage, (a) to store the tea and (b) to to refine taste and develop the character of the tea.For those in category A, as long as you don’t follow any of the big mistakes (storing it with food or under light) and steadily drink your tea there’s not much point worrying about any of these storage schools.As the old saying goes “The Older it is, the more Aromatic” 越陈越香! We are considering 10 years older to be “Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea”.A ripe or “cooked”, Shou style Pu-erh cake from the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Cake is 357 grams of pressed, texture-rich leaves. Cake was processed using the “Wo Dui” method – a process whereby the leaves are steamed and stacked to ferment the leaf and develop the “aging” of the leaf.

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