russian tea pu erh cake tea with earl grey tea

Russian Earl Grey Tea Tea was first introduced to Russia in 1618 by a Chinese ambassador. At the time, Russians were accustomed to drinking warm fruit and herbal … Chinese Pu-erh & Herbal Tea; Flavored and Scented Tea. Earl Grey Tea ; Flavored Black Tea; Flavored Green Tea ; … This premium Russian Earl Grey is fused with all natural Thai …Our Russian Earl Grey tea is inspired by traditional Earl Grey tea, but with the addition of zingy flavors for a unique tangy tea taste. Premium black tea is blended with bergamot oil before natural Thai lemongrass and Spanish orange peel are added to produce a traditional Russian Earl Grey tea that is popular both in Russia and across the world.Home / Loose Leaf / Pu-erh / PU-ERH EARL GREY. … Pu-erh aged black tea with bergamot. Pu-erh brews up to a very dark stout black tea with a strong earthy flavor, the bergamot livens it with a citrus taste. With this tea coffee lovers can find that same stout flavor that they appreciate in coffee.Pu’erh is naturally probiotic; and boasts incredible health benefits- such as a super weight loss tonic, lowers cholesterol, and helps you feel better overall. Try our Earl Grey Pu’erh any way you like it – hot, iced, sweetened with milk, or as a tea latte- you won’t be disappointed!Russian tea is a delightful orange drink that derives its name from its popularity in Russia. It was classically brewed using black tea leaves, lemon, and sugar and enjoyed by elite Russians during the turn of the 19th century. Russian tea became ingrained in culture and society in the same way sweet tea was in southern American society.A perfect balance between the warmth of an earthy Pu-Erh and the freshness of fragrant TWG Tea bergamot. A strong and sparkling blend that conveys a brilliant sensation of purity.The raw puerh tea cake, also known as uncooked pu-erh tea pie, is made from compressing around 350g (12.5oz) of Yunnan maocha green tea. Historically tea compression makes transportation of tea more efficient and easy. This special delicacy is from the Yunnan province. This tea can be stored and allow to age.Earl Grey Royale. $9.75 The best Earl Grey you will ever experience. Traditional black tea with bergamot essential oil…Buy rip and raw pu-erh tea cakes. Pu erh tea cakes at the best price. The wide selection of pu erh tea cakes at Tealyra. Collection #343.

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