Rose petal aroma pu erh tea

This tea is made from ripened puerh tea compressed with rose flowers to create these gorgeous miniature cakes. The rose lends a light, sweet floral note to the mellow earthy pu-erh flavors, perfectly creating a unique flavor profile.For centuries, pu-erh tea has been treasured for its elegant flavor and health benefits. The unique natural fermentation process gives it an earthy, woodsy essence that is never bitter, even after a long steep. Rose petals add a graceful note to this delicious and versatile blend, a wonderful tea for everyday wellness.Rose Petal Red Tea by Aroma Tea House Black Tea / Flavoured $10.00 for 100g. First Impressions. First things first, “red tea” is what the Chinese call black tea, and “black tea” is what the rest of the world refers to as pu’erh (puerh/pu-erh) – just in case you though I lost my ever-tea-loving mind.This pu-erh tea is produced in Fengqing, located south of Dianxi Longitudinal Valley. Fengqing is a country in the northwest of Lincang, one of the four famous pu-erh production areas (along with Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, and Baoshan), and is one of the original birthplaces of tea in the world.We combine the dark tea with rose petals and vanilla for an inviting, aromatic brew. If you haven’t had much experience with pu’erh before, we believe dark tea is an excellent introduction. This particular blend we feel is also excellent to share with friends plus good foods and good conversation.Premium rose petals and buds adorn a variety of loose leaf teas in our collection, ranging from caffeine-free herbal teas to white tea. Roses are a naturally calming flower that can soothe the soul, from the first aroma to the last sip. Experience pure aromatherapy with any of our gourmet rose tea blends.Berry Rose Slenderize – Weight Loss – Diet Tea – buy at online tea store US. Delivery across United States and around the world. Berry Rose Slenderize – Weight Loss – Diet Tea reviews. Tealyra – Product #2080.Rose petals can be infused into any traditional tea, such as black tea or green tea. The addition of rose petals to these teas will deliver a beautiful floral aroma. Rose petals may also be steeped with various other botanicals, herbs, dried fruits and spices to create a soothing herbal tea.

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