Reddish Brown colored puerh tea

Red tea is a natural drink with a high diuretic power that helps to get rid of toxins. In addition, the well-known variety of Pu-Erh red tea (Yunnan, Chinese province) is characterised by being a red tea with a longer fermentation process than the other varieties.Instructions: Ripe Pu-erh Steeping – 2g. of tea 6 oz glass tumbler … The liquor went from a reddishbrown to burgundy and ending off as a dark brown with a red undertone. The leaves themselves held its shape, and it took a few infusions for the leaves to fully separate from its compressed form. When I was looking at the leaves, there was a …Green Pu-Erh Tea selected in-person by Daniel Lui. We carry the finest grades of new and antique Green Pu-Erh Tea. Green Pu-Erh Tea from RealChinaTea comes with a money-back guarantee. We ship our Green Pu-Erh Tea worldwide every 3-4 days.This Pu-erh tea brews a deep red infusion with a hearty sweet aroma, balanced by fragrant woods and mild earthy depths. Aroma. A unique “Cangyuan” flavor. Liquor. Dark reddish-brown color. Additional Info. Intensity: Tea Season: Winter Tea Province: Yunnan How to make? 5grams. 98℃ …AprTea Mall Authentic Chinese Yunan Pu erh Tea From China Tea Capital Anxi. Our offers different grades pu-erh tea.Pu-erh Tea use the broad-leaved sun drying tea in Yunnan based as raw material,divided into Pu-erh raw tea and Pu-erh cooked tea two types.Pu-erh tea is considered a fermented tea, and it’s color is a deep reddish-brown tone. The taste is mellow and earthy. There are many ways in which to brew Pu-erh tea, and in the following example we will brew “ripe” Pu-erh tea as it is the easiest to brew.Pu’erh tea is very smooth in taste, and can be even darker than black tea. This is a naturally fermented tea, and, if stored properly, the older the tea, the better the flavor. Black Pu’erh teas contain about 60–70 milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz cup, and Green Pu’erh yields about 30–40 milligrams of caffeine for the same sized serving.Tea brewed from Ten Ren’s 1st Grade Pu-Erh Tea has a very dark reddish brown color. The aroma is distinct with an earthy undertone. The taste is lightly roasted with a prominent initial flavor and the aftertaste is slightly sweet and roasted which lingers. The water used to steep this tea should be at the boiling point, 212°F (100°C).

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