Red tea (Pu – Erh) 1.8g 25 Filter bags

Red tea is a natural drink with a high diuretic power that helps to get rid of toxins. In addition, the well-known variety of Pu-Erh red tea (Yunnan, Chinese province) is characterised by being a red tea with a longer fermentation process than the other varieties.Bio3 Red Tea, Te Rojo Pu-erh, Filterbags25 – 1.8 g bags [1.5 oz (45 g)] Choose a store. Flow-through heat-sealed filterbags. Individually wrapped. Natural product. The ancestral Chinese tradition and the most recent research carried out by Bio3 end up today in this tea we put into your hands. It is grown and fermented in this millennial …25 3,69 € 100 12,79 € … Pu Erh Tea 25 Filters. … Bio3 Red Tea Pu-erh 1,8 g 100 Bags . Condividere una opinione. La tua review. Lo consiglieresti? Sí, consiglierei questo prodotto. Invia la mia opinione. Live sales | Explore what people is buying now, in real time! | Iscriviti alla nostra newsletter.Red tea or Pu-Erh tea is made using the leaves and shoots of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is larger and grows in Yunnan Province. There are two kinds of Pu-Erh tea: raw and ripe. There is a difference in their production processes.Pu Erh. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a FREE stamp. FREE pick up in store: Madrid, Barcelona, … Red tea (Pu Erh) White tea Oolong (blue) tea Decaf Tea Loose herbal teas. Digestive Relaxing Revitalizing Vitamínica Rooibos teas. Matcha and superfoods. Matcha tea Superfoods Premium teas. Organic collection. Tea Bags Best Sellers.OTVIAP Preservative Pu re Copper Pu Er Tea Needle Pu Erh Pu er Tea Knife Accessories 1pc, Tea Needle, Tea Ceremony Accessories Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.As for the Black tea to Red Tea and the Pu-Erh to Black tea business, I don’t agree at all. I believe this would only increase confusion (and possibly cause lexicology battles). Noting in the Black Tea section that “Black Tea” in the western world is known as “Red Tea” in chinese is good enough for me.Product – (Pack of 4) Twinings of London Herbal Tea, Pure Rooibos Red, Tea Bags, 20 Ct. Product Image. Price $ 11 … Organic Rooibos Tea Bags – Caffeine Free South African Red Tea (100 Ct.) … Pack of 4 Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Cute Soft Silicone Tea Infuser for Tea Pot Mug Tea Cups Filter for Steeping Loose Tea Steeper Fennel Tea Rooibos tea …Tea Shop offers a wide selection of very high quality tea inviting you to live a unique experience and discover new textures, nuances and flavours with our premium teas. Try our Jasmine Dragon Pearls (green ea), Pu Erh Imperial Premium (red tea), Japan Gyokuro Asahi Premium (green tea) and more

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