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The Raspberry Flavored Black Tea blend from English Tea Store is a delightful tea that is best taken with a little sugar to accentuate the decadent raspberry flavor. Come to the EnglishTeaStore.com and check out all of our great teas, chocolates, and cTea Forté whole leaf tea silken pyramid infusers come in varied collections that are beautifully packaged and above all steep an exceptional cup. Consumer’s growing passion and appreciation for unique, artisan blended teas as well as exquisite tea ware makes Tea Forté much appreciated tea gifts.This tea is a light, fruity and playful blend highlighting the natural raspberry flavor infused with dark Ceylon black tea. Decaffeinated in a natural process preserving the tea’s integrity and the leaf’s texture, this tea may be great for morning refreshment or a light, evening brew without the worry of the stimulant effects of caffeine.A tea infuser is a tea tool that allows you to steep loose tea leaves in hot water. It helps to contain all the leaves, making them easy to remove when steeping is completed. These tools usually feature a fine mesh or tightly woven construction that prevents small tea leaves and broken pieces from leaching into your teacup.The weight of the tea ranges from 30-130 grams depending on the volume of the blend. Loose leaf tea canisters contain 35-50 servings. Matcha canisters contain approximately 12 servings. Each canister is 100% recyclable. View all our Loose Leaf Tea options, including one pound pouches, Single Steeps® Samplers, Loose Leaf Tea Trios, and more.Like a taste of fruit with your tea? This delicious Raspberry Black Tea is ideal for tea lovers and berry aficionados alike, as it divinely marries full-leaf Assam black tea and the flavors of fresh raspberries, strawberry leaves and rose petals. Use all your senses to enjoy the delicious aroma as well as the taste.Infusers Infuse your day with flavor – explore our selection of loose leaf tea infusers for teapots and mugs! Your loose tea will steep perfectly in our stainless steel tea ball, or for an on-the-go tea maker, look to our Orange Citizen’s Travel Press. Choose a hot tea mug or iced tea glass with infuser to make steeping a breeze.The Bohemian Raspberry Loose Leaf Green Tea blend from English Tea Store is a delicious blend of Sencha style green tea with natural raspberry flavoring. Sencha, a Japanese style green tea, is produced by skipping the fermentation process required to produce black tea.Raspberry The tart-sweet flavor of red raspberries inspired our selection of must-try raspberry teas. Delicious hot or iced, this gourmet leaf assortment features green, black, and hibiscus tea infused with the essence of raspberry.

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