Puerh\\Puer\\Pu'er\\0622\\Raw (801)

801 dajingdian dayi menghai taetea cake tea 357g raw puerh $54.00 Dayi mid-term tea, woody entrance, good coordination, With a slight rhyme, the soup feels soft, Bitterless, slightly astringent According to the current big market, high cost performanceHow I drink my pu-erh….. (Quick and Easy Method) is a basic tutorial on making tea using a Yixing pot. The same steps can be used to make tea in a gaiwan. Water temperature for pu-erh; Brewing Parameters for PuerhPosting Buying Leads Gold Suppliers Products Sell Buy Companies KONG FAT ENTERPRISE Model No. : 901 Product Name: Puerh\Puer\Pu’er\0622\Raw Product Origin: Yunnan …

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