Pu Erh Tea Gift Set (Green Label)

Green Tea Matcha OolongTea Black Tea Pu-Erh Tea … Private label tea is the packaging of our vast selection of fine teas into a variety of package options that are labeled with your business name. … Our wholesale product pricing is set up to apply tiered volume discounts to your order at checkout.It has been one of the oldest and most influential Chinese tea brands since. The Chinatea Pu-erh green label is one of the CNNP’s traditional products and has been in production since the 50-60’s. The products typically use tea crops harvested from the arbor tea trees of the Meng-Hai area.Shop our tea gift sets. Choose from travel mugs, tea pitchers, or tea pots complete with infusers and Upton Tea Imports’ exquisite teas. We also offer traditional and e-gift certificates. Our tea gift sets are a quick, easy way to buy a gift when you’re not quite sure what to order. Gift wrapping, available for an additional $5.00 per gift set …Assortment Tea Gift Sets, tea sets, assorted tea gifts. 1.844.TEA.BREW. Customer Service: 8:00am to 4:30pm PST. … Green Tea Blends; Herbal Tea Blends; … Matcha Powders; Oolong Tea Blends; Pu-erh Tea Blends; Pure Bulk Herbs; Red Tea Blends; Traditional Tea Blends; Tulsi Tea Blends; White Tea Blends; Yerba Mate Blends; Iced Tea * New Iced Tea …Like wine, it improves with age; some pu-erhs are still drinkable after 50 years! Also known as weight loss teas in traditional societies, the health benefits of Pu-erh Tea are helping this aged tea gain popularity in the West. The tea leaves are processed like green tea, then heaped into piles or formed in bricks.The Tea Spot offers tea gift sets for every tea lover & occasion. We are happy to provide you with help picking out the perfect gifts for your favorite tea drinkers. Just call us toll free, 866-TEA-SPOT.Pu’erh is a traditional class of aged Chinese tea that is fermented in addition to the usual oxidation of tea leaves, giving them a unique earthy taste. There is research suggesting Pu’erh may reduce cholesterol, aid in digestion, weight loss, among other health benefits. Available in bulk loose leaf & pyramid tea bags.Buy loose leaf tea of all kinds at Lifetime Tea – Premium Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, Rooibos tea, White tea, tea accessories and more.. Our Teas. White Tea Green Tea Matcha OolongTea Black Tea Pu-Erh Tea English Favorites … Private Label Tea. Wholesale Green Tea . Flavored Green Tea. Japanese Green Tea.

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