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A 2007 raw pu erh tea from the Xiaguan tea factory. Available per bag (5 tuocha) for a wholesale price. This tuocha belongs to the horseback (ma bei tuo) series. Sourced direct from the Xiaguan Tea Factory. Learn MoreFull Leaf’s Organic Pu-Erh tea is an exquisite pu-erh with the distinctive, naturally earthy taste that has been enjoyed for thousands of years! It steeps a rich cup of tea that many use as a replacement for coffee. Along with being delicious, Pu-Erh has unique health benefits making it one of the best teas to drink.Raw (sheng, green) pu-erh tea from Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos. Pure organic material from old trees. Single cultivar self produced puer’s “TEA SIDE” and famous Hong Tai Chang tea. Pressed cakes and loose-leaf, young and aged raw pu-erh tea.But the original shape of Pu Erh tea is loose leaf form that is just like green tea. If we are to select Pu Erh in its producing area in Yunnan, the Pu Erh prepared for tasting is mostly in loose leaf form. It is the trader who purchase loose leaf Pu Erh and compress it into whatever shape that we desire. The reason to compress Loose Pu Erh Tea …Buy Fresh Chinese Premium Tea, Loose Leaf Tea Form, We Offer The Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Pu Erh Tea, Flower Tea And So On. Cheap Price, Huge Selectionsbamboo tea tray chinese teapot Low price for pu erh: leather wallet chinese set cake knife chinese health tea porcelain set tea bamboo box teapot with filter gaba tea cup Discount for cheap pu erh: black chinese tea teapot white teapot vintage kuding tea antique teapot da hong pao tea best tea clay kettle hong tea Insightful Reviews for pu erh …The highest-quality young raw pu’erh teas will usually be single origin gushu pu’erh (old trees) coming from various mountains in Yunnan. Different locations within Yunnan are also known for different flavor profiles. Menghai county is known for its stronger, bolder raw tea and its ripe pu’erh.Wholesale-Tea. 34 followers fashionday2018 … Dian Cang Pu’er Tea 2013 Menghai Old Tree Yuan Cha Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g. $40.47. From China … Free shipping. or Best Offer. 2012 Menghai Golden Peacock Premium Puer Tea Cake Ripe Pu-erh Tea Shu Cha 357g. $14.79. From China. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 2018 Menghai Gold Pu Er Pu’er Tea …Buy Pu Erh tea cakes. Luxury aged, organic Pu-erh teas. Best Pu-erh tea from China, Japan, Nepal and around the world. Tealyra. Collection #345.Green Tea Sampler: Perfect green tea gift! This epic sampler includes the world’s most beloved steamed, pan-fired, and aged green tea styles. This collection presents all handcrafted teas, carefully curated with a range in tastes including nutty, buttery, & jasmine. Includes 6 tins of loose leaf tea. Net weight 4.3 oz.

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