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Little Orange Pu’er Tea, is made of green citrus from Xinhui, Guangdong Province and Palace Pu’er tea from Yunnan Province as the raw material. With the absence of any additive, the tea is made by special processing. Its characteristic first is the sweet taste, the unique fruit flavor and the gentlePu’er Tea aged in Wild Oranges: A beautiful tea for the adventurous tea drinker. Definitely a master piece resulting from aging pu’er leaves in a hollowed out wild orange (clementines). Simply a must-have for any pu’er tea collector.Made with authentic Xinhui Green Mandarin Orange and Yunnan ripened Pu-erh tea, the Xinhui Green Mandarin Orange Ripened Pu-erh Tea is a nice drink which is suitable for both young and old to drink during autumn and winter.The orange Pu’er tea was made from the best Xinhui orange peels and the 14-year aged Yunnan Pu’er tea. It comes with an aroma of ripe puer mixed with citrus fragrance, and a smooth fruit flavor. Single servings for easy taking and brewing. 100% natural and healthy drink everyday.Orange Pu-erh Tea,The Pu’er brick tea with Citrus The Pu’er brick tea with Citrus is originally from Huizhou Tea, Xinhui, GuangDong Province. Pu’er Tea, Yunnan is the origin of the big leaves drying green tea. and after processed it becomes two series: directly re-processing into raw Puer or after artificially accelerate ferment and re-process …Orange Puer is a blend of sweet orange essence and a cooked style puer. We intentionally use a delicate balance of orange so as not to overpower the natural leaf taste. The history of puer tea originates from the small town of Puer in Yunnan.When making mandarin orange Pu-erh tea, tea makers choose Pu-erh teas of different grade to match with mandarin orange peels based on the degree of ripeness. The green mandarin orange is an unripe fruit, whose fragrance is heavy and a little sour, so be blended with mellow and aged ripened pu-erh teas, such as the first-grade Pu-erh tea.Ⅱ. Pour water around the tea. Water pours around the mandarin orange, so that the tea liquid is bright yellow with sweet taste. By this way, the taste of pu-erh tea is relatively weak, and the fragrance of mandarin orange is richer. Step 4. Pour the tea liquid out into a tea pitcher, and serve it to cups, enjoy the tea.Orange Skin Puerh Tea: These tiny oranges are typically hollowed out and filled with Ripe Puer tea Leaves, then aged. The pu erh teas, when steeped, have a zesty chenpi smell; the tea is smooth and sweet, with hints of chenpi, especially if you use part of the rind while steeping.

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