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A Review of Healthy Teas, Soups & Juices that may help you fight hypertension. T he truth is we all want to find alternatives to high blood pressure medications such as diets, exercises or special foods to lower blood pressure. The side effects that we experience can be worse than the actual high blood pressure problem itself.**If you’re experiencing high blood pressure, it’s important to monitor your readings. Be sure to discuss ways to get your blood pressure under control with your doctor as soon as possible to avoid long-term complications. Drinks that Lower Blood Pressure: #1 Hibiscus Tea. No list of healthy drinks is complete without tea.And as well we know, caffeine can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure (BP). The effect is temporary, but some experts think that too much consumption of caffeine may cause increased risk of hypertension (though this issue is also still debatable). How about with green tea? Does it cause bad or good effect on your BP?THE 100% NATURAL SUPPLEMENT FOR High Blood Pressure ~Hypertension Wellness Pack ~ This is a pack of supplements that helps to lower the effect of hypertension and also help in reducing the blood …While medication can lower blood pressure, it may cause side effects such as leg cramps, dizziness, and insomnia. … Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure title: Drink (a Little) Alcohol url …According to the National Institutes of Health, licorice root can trigger increases in blood pressure and may lead to episodes of hypertensive crisis. Other ingredients, including yohimbe and DHEA, may also cause or worsen this side effect. Avoid Extenze and similar products if you have pre-existing heart disease. Feminizing EffectsDrinking tea can raise your blood pressure, but the spike is normally temporary and peaks 45 to 90 minutes after ingestion, according to the “American Journal of Hypertension,” If you have hypertension, or high blood pressure, the effect may be more acute, particularly if you are taking beta-blockers, metoprolol or propranolol to control your hypertension.Pu-erh tea is generally considered safe to consume. Most people can safely drink up to 5 cups per day without experiencing any side effects. Most of the tea’s potential side effects and …The leaves and stems can be eaten in a salad, cooked into soup or made into a tea, but the nettle root is more likely to be extracted with alcohol to make a tincture, dried and taken in capsules, or dried and made into a tea. Nettle tea side effects are rare, notes the University of Michigan, but as with any medicinal preparation, you may want …

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