Natural flavoured weight loss puerh tea set

Pu-erh tea is unique because it’s made from a natural fermentation process. … It also contributes to the tea’s distinct flavor and aroma. … Pu-erh tea helps promote weight loss — and it …Pu-erh tea is an earthy-flavored type of post-fermented tea that originates from the Yunnan province of China. According to the scientific journal Molecules , the traditional method of creating pu-erh tea involves first parching crude green tea leaves and then doing a second fermentation with microorganisms.Pu-erh tea or Pu-er, pronounced “poo-erh,” takes its name from a town in the Yunnan Province of China. Like wine, it improves with age; some pu-erhs are still drinkable after 50 years! Also known as weight loss teas in traditional societies, the health benefits of Pu-erh Tea are helping this aged tea gain popularity in the West.Orange Puerh Tea is a specific type of tea from Guandong, China. where Dr. Tea get his first master there. help to remove toxins in human body. help to refresh. help to lose weight. Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee).Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat.Pu-Erh teas are the best for weight loss, but any tea works wonders for a healthy lifestyle. This blend of Pu-Erh and chocolate flavored teas will not only help you along on your journey to looking thinner but will also provide you with a guilt-free treat loaded with chocolate.Pu-erh Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its cleansing properties, pu-erh is an earthy fermented preparation of tea leaves and steeps to a dark, rich color. It is a common practice in China to drink pu-erh after a heavy meal to aid with digestion and boost metabolism.A Real Puer Tea Weight Loss Success Story On January 23, 2012, my Chinese New Year’s resolution was to do something for myself and go on a diet. I have always eaten healthy organic foods, but I needed to do something different.

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