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Jasmine tea has a delicate floral aroma that makes for a delightfully pleasing drink. Made with jasmine-scented green tea leaves — jasmine blossoms are dried and then placed with the dried tea leaves so that their scent is infused — jasmine tea has the same health benefits, including weight-loss benefits, as green tea.All these green tea recipes follow almost the same preparation method except that there is variation in the ingredients you use. All the ingredients are low in calorific value, rich in antioxidants, boost your metabolism and thus eventually help in reducing your body fat and thus add up to your weight- loss plan.Having too much insulin in your body can increase food cravings and fat storage. So you may be eating a low fat diet, but those excess calories are being converted into fat all the same! Speaking from my personal experience, avoiding refined sugar and trans-fat are two of the most important habits you can incorporate into your green tea diet plan.How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally … Reduce your fat and sugar … A rich source of flavanols that make blood vessels more elastic and increase the chances of low blood pressure …This suggests that a low-fat diet (below 25%) is less healthy for cardiovascular health than a higher fat diet and may increase the risk of hypertension. Key Takeaways: In a large-scale, observational study, lower-fat diets were associated with increased prevalence of high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. Diets with a greater number of …If you have low blood pressure, you may want to consider changing your diet. Eating certain types of food, such as salty foods and foods high in vitamin B-12, can actually help raise your blood …Low Fat and Low Sugar Diet Hands down the single best option among diets to lower cholesterol is one that limits both bad fats and sugar too. WebMD explains that diets that are high in sugar negatively affect cholesterol in multiple ways.They found that while some earlier studies found green tea helped people lose about half a pound to 8 pounds more than those who didn’t drink green tea, most of studies found no significant difference in weight loss. So while green tea deserves a place in your weight loss diet, simply drinking the tea won’t burn fat.The effect is temporary, but some experts think that too much consumption of caffeine may cause increased risk of hypertension (though this issue is also still debatable). How about with green tea? Does it cause bad or good effect on your BP? Does it raise or lower your BP?6 ways to reduce your sugar intake. If your goal is to reduce sugar in your diet, an obvious place to start is by limiting your consumption of regular soda, candy and other high-sugar items. But chances are you’re still consuming more added sugar than you realize. By Jason S. Ewoldt

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