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Health Benefits of Lavender Tea could relieve your stomach diseases. Well, lavender tea will also be very beneficial to keep the health of your stomach and relieve some symptoms of the discomfort that could occur to your stomach.Hibiscus Tea Benefits 1. Lowers Blood Pressure. There are a few foods that lower blood pressure to take notice of, particularly if you are at risk for hypertension. Hibiscus tea makes that list with glowing reviews. Several studies have found it to lower blood pressure significantly, even in patients with certain health conditions that increase the risk of high blood pressure.Lavender tea is a refreshing, calming drink that has a vast array of healing benefits. Lavender is used in food and medicine; it’s aromatic, carminative (i.e., combats gas), antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic, and an expectorant.It has a long history of use, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, and even earlier.The dried lavender buds were widely used in traditional remedies for centuries. Lavender has remained a significant part of the fragrance industry as well. After the discovery of various health benefits, lavender tea got famous all across the world. Nutritional Value of Lavender Tea. One cup of freshly brewed lavender tea contains following …8 Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Written by Rachael Link, MS, RD on November 25, 2017 Hibiscus tea is an herbal tea that’s made by steeping parts of the hibiscus plant in boiling water.Hibiscus Tea: Overview. Hibiscus herbal tea is more than just a delicious beverage. The health benefits of hibiscus tea are what make it so special. Hibiscus tea is made from the deep magenta sepals of the roselle flower, which is thought to be native to Africa. It is also known by its plant name Hibiscus sabdariffa—hence the name hibiscus tea.Top 7 Alkaline Herbal Teas Yerba Mate Tea: A wonderful tea, native to South America, that can be really useful in detoxing and cleansing. It gives a slight energy boost, that is free from the jitters of caffeine-based drinks such as coffee and green tea and each infusion of yerba mate contains:While you can acquire some of these benefits with simply a single 6- to 8-ounce cup of tea, others require a more prolonged habit of consistently drinking several cups of tea a day. To boost your health with tea, you also should avoid adding milk or sugar, which can negate the benefits.Before adding hibiscus tea to your diet, consult your doctor about any preexisting health condition you may have. According to the Bastyr Center for Natural Health at the University of Pennsylvania, hibiscus tea may open and expand your blood vessels, which may increase your risk for heart disease.

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