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Rooibos herbal tea from South Africa infused with the delicate scent of night-blooming jasmine flowers. If you enjoy classic jasmine tea, keep this one on hand, too, for when you need a caffeine-free treat. Mellow and smooth, delicately sugary notes from the Rooibos.Jasmine tea is a traditional Chinese tea made from a special blend of green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. This special floral mix is created by scenting the leaves of the tea plant with fragrant jasmine flowers, using techniques that have been perfected over generations.Equally important for jasmine tea are fine jasmine blossoms – flowers that bloom between the 1st of May and the end of May (these have the most intense aroma). Traditionally layers of jasmine blossoms were placed between fine green tea. In time the scent of the jasmine permeated the tea. Today, for the better quality jasmine teas such as …Jasmine tea is composed of Green or Pouchong (Chinese Green) tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine petals. When brewed, it produces a honey yellow hue, an aroma of tropical flowers, and a fruity taste.Soothe your mind during peak working hours with this box of 18 refreshing jasmine green organic green tea bags. Layering jasmine flowers on top of green tea leaves overnight three times infuses their flavor deep into the tea, making each sip rich and delicious. These Numi organic green tea bags are Fair Trade Certified for a sustainable option.Bring fresh water to a boil, allow to cool slightly, then pour over a bag of Jasmine Green. Steep 2-3 minutes as the scent of spring fills the air. For iced tea, steep 2 tea bags, cool and pour over ice.Jasmine Pearls Green Tea: This high grade green tea from China’s Fujian region is hand-picked in the spring & lightly scented with fresh jasmine flowers and expertly shaped into ‘pearls’. A heavenly tea with a soothing aroma. Call toll free 866-TEA-SPOTNumi Rooibos Chai Tea 100 Individual Sealed Bags Herbal & Organic Fresh Tea Ruby. $39.14. Almost gone. Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh Tea Brick, 12 Portion Brick, 48 Servings 2.2 Ounce. $11.66. Almost gone. Numi Golden Chai, 100 Count, New, Free Shipping. … Numi Jasmine Green Tea 100 Single Bags Per Box Herbal & Organic Fresh Tea Blend. $39.14.Shop loose leaf teas, organic tea bags, flowering teas, tea gift sets and tea accessories online. All 100% organic and Fair Trade tea. Numi® Organic Tea Official Site.

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